Dragons all the way

We had a mini Fantasy Fandom event at Jurong Library last Saturday. It was really casual and just a non-formal thing. Giveaways and prizes.

By the way, on the left, that’s Dino, the library’s mascot.

It’s part of READ! Singapore and there’s more for the whole month. Guys. Read a book.

Know what’s this whole festival about? You can know more here. Uh, if that link goes down into archives or something, it’s basically this:

The theme for this year’s Read! Fest is “Books That Moved Me”, which aims to rekindle Singaporeans’ fondest memories of reading.

Redesigning book covers of familiar classics and meeting local authors at book parties are some examples of what awaits readers.

There will also be showcases of selected scenes from classics, which will come with sounds and even smells.

Read! Fest will also take another approach to get Singaporeans reading – through short stories.

Yes! So check it out at the libraries. They might have really fun stuff for you to attend since it’s not all just “boring” books.


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