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Comic Artist Face Off!

It was the comic face off at the national library, one of the events for Read Fest. Technically, I attended a wedding earlier in the day but then Max was suppose to attend this and it was quite nearby so we look-see-ed it too.

James, Drewscape and Miel!

James Tan, Drewscape and Miel were the ‘hosts’ for this activity.

Also, wow ok, now I know how Miel looks like! He’s the guy who draws the comics in the Straits Times. The activity was to sit with other participants and complete a three page comic!

Someone starts the first one, another continues the second page and the last does the ending. The theme was “da pao Auntie” aka take away Auntie. You had to follow the style of the previous person too.

I didn’t participate but I got to read some and it’s pretty funny, heh.

Go check out other events by Read Singapore.

It's a Rainbow Loom.

On an unrelated note, I got myself a rainbow loom.

So fancy.

Oooh, official ones have a special code for members to log in. Ok. Yeah, that’s all. I got this one from OG, Spotlight sold out so I managed to get this one from somewhere else.

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