No pictures because I am currently trying to save the world.

I mean, in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Not in real life but ok, that will be a lot of work if real life.

SO THERE WE GO. This is just a filler post, hah!

Stuff lined up so far:

The Hotel Jen Experience

Random things

Oh, here, a production I was involved with.

Watching Time

Of course a Baby G

The watch I am wearing now is because I actually won vouchers from blogging at the previous N.E.mation. Maybe a coincidence or maybe it’s luck or something. But the teams I’ve supported have gotten top positions.

Each time.


I wonder if future N.E.mation teams are reading this, hur hur.

Anyway, I was reading the new Apple watch thing and then learned about Milanese and somehow I was lead to Invicta Men’s gold watch I’m not linking it because when I did, it was stuck in my Amazon history/suggested list and really.

It may be one of the most expensive watches around but it was definitely one of the ugliest to me.

Sometimes I like guy watches cause they’re rugged and cool but they can be big but I am also so glad that watches for women aren’t that bad in terms of design. They can be elegant and some good brands just call it for ‘women’ when it is the exact same model type like for ‘men’s’ just that it shrunk a little.

With that said, I have no idea how people don’t wear watches. It’s good to know what time it is and really, sometimes phones might run out of battery.

I think you can guess what I mine because a) it has to be shock proof b) adventuuuuure c) IT HAS ANALOGUE AND DIGITAL.

So yeaah, what watch do you wear?


I walked by Flavour Flings on my way to the coffeeshop previously but they weren’t officially opened yet.

Now they were and I walked in. It was a pretty simple layout with a chalkboard of sorts painted on the wall above their cashier (only cash please!) front.

Ok, very well.

I did flip through their menu, pages on a clipboard and settled for nacho cheese fries. Especially when I noticed something…

Their menu had turkey ham, salmon and chicken sausages. There were no signs of bacon at all. A hipster cafe always had bacon spammed (pun!) everywhere because it was a thing to do. This was a big clue to me… Was it Halal?

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Here and there!

Nanowrimo write-in!

This weekend was woah. By the way, we still have nanowrimo write-ins for one more session at Orchard Library.

The rest will be at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Raffles Place. Info is on the Singapore forums for Nanowrimo anyway.

What you basically do is just write in.

That’s why it is called write in. You write in there, yes. That’s it.

You still have time if you want to join Nanowrimo, it’s not even the last week of November so you can still catch up and write!

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Gadis Melayu Yang Terakhir


Just a brief post, it’s about Nanowrimo. There’s still time if you want to join it.

By the way, my story is going to be in English, the title is just somewhat of a pun reference thingy.

Here is the start:

The history books said that Singapore was a sleepy fishing village.

That was a horrible lie.

I had no idea where I was but I knew I was somewhere in Singapore. Or rather, Temasek. I only knew this because either this was a very elaborate period set or that I went back in time somehow.

I know, one might think I am sounding utterly too calm for this but I assure you reader, I am not. On the exterior I am such a cool person but on the inside I am wondering what the heck did I do to deserve this.

And that’s how you know that you don’t really have to have quality when doing Nanowrimo, just write the story out first.

Ok, that’s it for this post. GO JOIN if you want to.