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Click to embiggen! You guys, this is the Dragonboat of Miracles, illustrated by DatWorks.

Check out their facebook page! They’re a team of local artists and sometimes you might see their art booths in the conventions here in Singapore.

Anyway, what’s this Dragonboat of Miracles?

DatWorks has recently been doing some work for DBS Bank. Living, Breathing Asia!

We’re working on “Dragonboat of Miracles”, a sports-themed manga that celebrates the teamwork, passion and zeal of athletes as they paddle towards a common goal for the DBS Marina Regatta!


What you don’t know (until now, or if I told you in real life) is that I wrote the story.

Yeah, you wanna read more, click my read more cut.

Or you won’t see the button if you clicked this post directly anyway.

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I was approached by Jason of Neo Tokyo Project to write this story. And of course, I said yes because hey, it’s for the DBS Regatta and it’s going to be a sports webmanga!

It’s cool to see stuff you write being turned into illustrations.

Even funner, on 6 June, Dat Baka will be cosplaying as Kiseki and Tessie of Kachang Puteh will be cosplaying as Yuki for the finale of the story at the DBS Regatta itself!

pg 3

It’s a short webmanga so you won’t have really long hiatus or filler arc or something to that point. Read it on DatWork’s album!

They’ll be uploading it bit by bit, until the finale at the actual regatta.

Ps. Yes, you can ship whoever you want. Or dragonboat to be specific.

Pps. Leos is actually my favourite character.


He’s so dramatic and megane.

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