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Fancy tickets

Before the weekend hit, I had a little time to hit to the theatres after doing my work and quickly took the earliest time for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

I’m not going to spoil the movie but it really IS a good adaptation of the book.

What I go woah is that I just bought the ticket and didn’t know it was fancy. I thought it was just because it’s the premiering-early dates or something?

ANYWAY, I went to Shaw and it came in this reflective silver ticket. Plus a little $5 voucher thing to offset drinks or food.

Premiere Screen

This is so much better than the other time I was on leave and went to the cinema in the afternoon and went “Hmm, this seems like a drama, I shall watch that” AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE A SCARY HECK ZOMBIE MOVIE AND I WAS SCREAAAMIING (in my mind) as I tweeted it.

No one else was in the theatre for that one, and it was normal seats which was weird because I thought the room was booked for a large group and instead, only a couple sat in the faaar corner of the theatre.

Anywho, that didn’t happen for this one.

THIS is heck nice.

Other seats

Firstly, you get to a waiting LOUNGE and I checked out the menu to order food since I got the $5 voucher offset and hmm, might as well yeah?


Ok, a note to self or to you guys. If you’re going on your own, the theatre is small.

The theory in ANY theatre, is to choose the ‘middleish’ row for best effect. Not the furthest or the nearest. Also because of the seats here, I would try booking the one on the left side next time so that I can reach with my right hand (I’m a right hander) for my drink or food.



I ordered a Shirley Temple and nachos! But fancy nachoes. I’ll probably give them feedback though because normal nachos actually use nacho cheese but this is supposedly fancy and using fakeish cheddar?

I eat cheese, I know this isn’t nacho cheese. You’re better off buying the normal nachos if you want to do so for now.

ANYWAY, the seat RECLINES and there’s a blanket and aah, it’s like the business class of cinema theatres.

Since it is The Hunger Games, it’s not really a horror movie but there were some parts of the movie where I could hide under the blankets so YES. GOOD.

Oh and the seats are not makeout optimized since there’s a table in between so while a person can hold hands and stuff, HAH. No makeouts (good for other people?).

By the way, there’s a button on the table so you can call the staff for anything you want to order too.

Hmm, I wanna go again with this theatre but it’s good that I don’t go to cinemas that often cause it can be pricey.

But this time, I won’t order the nachos until they switch out the cheese.

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