15 Fun Facts about Pasir Ris Library


The library in Pasir Ris just reopened on 28th November 2015!


I managed to get a preview before the opening and in a way, I got to have FIRST BUTT on the seats there as I look-see-ed the place.

Here’s some fun facts you might not know with this new reopening.

Fact 1: They’ve got this reservation collection ‘outside’ the main gates of the library so that you can collect your reservation any time the mall is open.

The little shelves will light up and you can collect your book from there.


Oooh click for the bigger picture.

Fact 2: This is the same library space but it’s now “bigger” because the staff area is smaller now and that there’s a second level mezzanine.


Fact 3: Front facing shelves for comics section because instead of just shelving it with the spine showing, the covers provide as decoration too.

Charging station

Fact 4: USB CHARGING PORTS. There’s charging stations for your stuff but hey look! Actual usb ports so you can bring your cable to charge your phones.

Umbrella holes

Fact 5: Those holes on the tables near the newspapers? They’re for you to hook the long umbrellas. They’re umbrella holders.

Children's section

Fact 6: Front facing shelving for the children’s section! So you can see what you’re picking up, they’re also arranged by languages, stories, concepts, poetry etc.


Fact 7: The board in the children’s section is magnetic. Great for playing or for story time!

Teeeny books

Fact 8: Volunteers and staff decorated the display pieces in the library, this one is by a volunteer and their children, it’s displayed in those tables and each one is different.


Fact 9: Solo seating places. There are many kinds of chairs in Pasir Ris library. Squishy ones, normal ones, ones with arms for those who need support for lowering yourself down.

What ever kind of seat you need, they have it all around the library.

Word cloud

Fact 10: The word cloud is in the shape of Singapore.

More seats

Fact 11: The programme zone can be opened up so that people can ‘expand’ towards the other seating area at the back if there aren’t enough seats or space.


Fact 12: THESE chairs can convert into tables!

Teen area!

Fact 13: The teen area in the second floor (wheel chair accessible by a lift on the other side) is decorated by teens! It’s their zone.


Fact 14: The chairs here are cool too, you can try look out from the second floor seats if you’re fast enough to get them.


Fact 15: The projector is interactive by touch. You can use it. It’s for project work but I guess, first dibs!

And yes, I wanted to do a listicle because HEY, you can just go to the library itself and check it out but these are some things you might not know at first glance. Heh, go check it out, it’s just in the mall where you can drop off at Pasir Ris MRT.

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