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You might be searching for alienware dell support or alienware dell help. Or even alienware dell singapore support or alienware dell singapore help.

This is page is not help.

And even if it was, you’re still not going to get help.

This is not my computer, but it’s my pal Pris. She bought an Alienware Dell PC including additional warranty and all she got was crap.

TL;DR if you wan to skim through:

Alienware Dell support is nonexistent in Singapore. She bought warranty. All she got was frustration as tech support bounced her around. They’re using outsourced tech support people and even they are frustrated at the parts Dell gave them. Refurbished motherboards that do not work. And she had to go through all social media channels to get help because their official lines didn’t.

The ‘tech support’ want to do it during office hours when she’s at work and that’s stupid. She managed to get it ‘post 6pm’ after complaining so much but the computer still doesn’t work since they didn’t go through it properly. As of now, her computer is still NOT working. Do not buy Alienware Dell. If you can help Pris get a new computer, even better. Please help. Alienware isn’t.

AND NOW FOR THE STORY because you all like drama.

This is the saddest Christmas present is the Alienware X51 R2 that Pris bought for herself.

Also, Alienware probably doesn’t know how to count.

3 years of warranty and she bought it in 2014. HMMMM.


That should be in warranty yes? Yes, it is. Just why are they not just doing a proper support, I don’t know. All they’re doing is taichi.

Let me paraphrase the email she sent to support which sums up what happened in these past months.

1 month ago, my computer starts to black out frequently without any warnings. Desperate to resolve this issue, I turn to your Twitter IT support for help. While I did what it was advised, the issue wasn’t resolved. Your staff suggested to me that I should seek Microsoft for help since it might be an OS problem. Unfortunately, after reformatting the computer, it didn’t work either. The OS is constantly on the Restarting screen.

Frustrated, I went back to Alienware’s Twitter support and asked for contact details to Dell’s local office. The staff who tended to my call told me to run through the protocol despite me telling him that I already did and offered to send him the Twitter conversation with his colleagues. To add fuel to the fire, an email came through my inbox giving me a list of to-do list before I approach your staff again for help.

OK SO BASICALLY IT GOES ON to say she had to reach out social media channels and the actual support kept telling her to be BESIDE the computer and repeatedly turn on and off and go through a whole list.

And then she gets passed to another tech support on the phone and REPEAT.

This is just insulting.

She bought the warranty for them to go onsite to repair. If it was just once, ok can but this was more than twice and every time she had to do the same thing when ALL THEY COULD DO was just send a technician over, check over, fix it and the end.

Do you see that? It’s a refurbished motherboard.

We thought she would have a breakthrough but no. The tech support said they can come over during office hours so she took half a day off. Things were getting interesting because she learned the technician was outsourced to Dell!

There’s no Dell technician! They just grab it from some other company!

And even after taking a half day off, IT DID NOT WORK. The refurbished motherboard didn’t work. Not even a new one, noooooooooo.

Here, have a little video of the technician complaining to Dell Tech support that it didn’t work.

Pris thought she was going to have finally a yay success video but no.

That didn’t happen.

Why can’t they just get her a new motherboard or just REPLACE HER WHOLE FREAKING PC, I don’t know.

The technician had to go back and then another bunch of calls she had to do AGAIN.

The new tech support (she already has case numbers etc) still asked the same thing and they were going all OH WE CAN ONLY DO TECH SUPPORT FROM 9am-5pm.

Pris had to work.

She has to work to get money.


Anyway, they have honoured her by being so generous by getting a technician to come after 6pm, after her work.

The technician came by…

A new refurbished motherboard. He didn’t check anything else about the PC and welp.


So thanks Alienware Dell Singapore.

You made Pris take half day off, not able to do work and even game (she’s an Overwatch-er with us and we miss her presence).

How much more disappointing are you going to be? The story is still going on since the last the technician came was on Friday and on weekends ‘no one works’. We’ll hear what happens this Monday.

PS. We learned that Alienware Dell Malaysia has to help instead. So that’s international phone calls to her too.

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