SDS 1.13 – She Bangs

Do you know the characteristics of a day adventure usually means getting lost somewhere? Well, know you know. This time Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel met up with me at Bedok Interchange to take the 401 to East Coast Park. We arrived there at around 10.30am and stood at the line for like minutes talking about the latest Pokemon game when I noticed something on the sign.

First bus: 1400 hours

ARRRRRRRRGH. Ok, that’s alright, we went to the control station thing for buses and I saw a sign with the numbers of other buses we can take.

And so we did.

And so we stopped at the wrong stop and had to walk a lot because even if we could see the sea, we needed to get across the highway to get it.

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USBs, jewelry and the Blogger’s Lounge aka 247 Lounge


They’re selling these food USB at the school bookshop where I am at. Verily amused. There’s mini hamburgers, tarts and other food items too. AM tempted to get the sushi ones. Hmmm. They’re $29.90 and at 2GBs. I know it’s expensive for the size but it’s more for the shape of it.


Meanwhile, had a little class on jewelry manufacturing at JDMIS on Wednesday night. Never have I wanted more jewelry than then. I learnt how people made jewelry and oh man… If you want someone to give you a really expensive wedding ring of sorts. Ask for a good quality pave (I don’t have the special e with the stroke on top on this keyboard) since that would mean the ring would have to be hand made just for youuuu. Anyway hand manufactured jewelry = very very time consuming.


Onwards to the Blogger’s Lounge. It’s been renamed to 247 Lounge at the moment of this post though. You pronounce it as twenty-four, seven lounge. Heh. Not two four seven. It’s hosted by the 24 Seven people. Check their webby to know more about them or their blog.

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