SDS 1.13 – She Bangs

Do you know the characteristics of a day adventure usually means getting lost somewhere? Well, know you know. This time Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel met up with me at Bedok Interchange to take the 401 to East Coast Park. We arrived there at around 10.30am and stood at the line for like minutes talking about the latest Pokemon game when I noticed something on the sign.

First bus: 1400 hours

ARRRRRRRRGH. Ok, that’s alright, we went to the control station thing for buses and I saw a sign with the numbers of other buses we can take.

And so we did.

And so we stopped at the wrong stop and had to walk a lot because even if we could see the sea, we needed to get across the highway to get it.

My shoes are definitely getting good mileage if I ever had a pedometer on it or something. Eventually we got to the other side! Now, we decided to get to East Coast Park because we wanted to go to Lilliputt which was a switch in plans. We wanted to go to Marina Barrage for kiting and a picnic but it had been rainy the weekdays before so it was kind of a risky thing in case it rained on our parade. Or picnic as it were.


IT WAS A REALLY SUNNY DAY! Aarrrgh! Oh and guess what, we were at the OTHER end of the beach. Like the opposite end where Lilliputt was.

So we had to run away from cyclists and beware of turtles?! Still, we saw a lot as we walked on for at least 1.7km. It’s more than that and we knew because we asked Raven to check the map on her iPhone and HAA, HAAAAAAAAAA it looks so tiny on the map. IT IS NOT SO TINY IN REAL LIFE, OBVIOUSLY.

We managed to see some cool places and there’s actually a place where you can go lobster catching? We did prawning in the previous episode and freaked on the tiny little claws. How would we manage lobster catching?!

We got there near noon which is much better than 2pm since that would be ridiculous and a waste. We crossed a little field and a carpark to spy the building way off in the distance!

Lilliputt is on the third floor so you would have to take a lift. We have no idea where the stairs are and at the rate of how far we walked under the sun, we don’t really care for it. You can note the shuttle bus there, we went “ARRRGH!” when we saw that. There was a lot of arrrghing in this episode. The shuttle bus is only from Parkway Parade so oh well.

Finally air conditioned goodness! We took off our shoes and put it on the rack there. You need to wear socks at Lilliputt, by the way. There’s dollar coin lockers too so we stuffed our bags in one. Meanwhile, it’s $18 for adults, $15 for students and $12 for children of ages 12 and below. There’s also other packages for families and stuff so best you check it there if they’re having promotions.

We paid $13.50 each. BWUAHAHAHAH. That’s cause the others had their student passes and mine was the adult ticket BUT we had a 15% discount coupon so yay for that!

Mine was the hot pink one. Yes, I wore cyan socks because I knew the ground was going to have carpet green and hot pink is a good match with cyan too. Jo = blue ball, Avariel = yellow and Raven = white.

We got in and the staff at the gate to the miniature golf course gave us our putters and balls. She also asked us if we knew how to play and gave us a little demo and then showed us how to fill in our score card.

We’re such crap miniature golfers. In the rules, you’ve got 9 strokes and you’re out. We just called our first stroke “trial” if we didn’t get the ball rolling anywhere and did fuzzy logic math in counting our strokes. If we did proper counting, all of us pretty much get an F9 for it. In total there’s 18 holes for the course and it’s verily more than enough for us.

It starts from the airport! Raven said the original picture looked like she was holding a lightsabre because of the motion blur so I decided to help your imaginations a bit here. It’s actually pretty fun! I think we were slow because there were 4 of us and we kept hitting/banging/whatevering the balls trying to get them into the holes.

We totally gave up on getting our balls into the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec. You will know what we mean whenever you try it.

We also went oooooh on the various interactive bits where the ball would be carried along a route and then you had to continue once it fell out of whatever hole it came from.

At the end of it all, we have summarized that we are definitely not golfers. The list of what we’re not from the adventures we’ve undertaken is like this. Oh the picture above isn’t the list. It’s what we saw at the lobby of the building when we finished up.

We’re not professional:

  1. Climbers
  2. Bowlers
  3. Prawners
  4. Golfers

Check out what more we’re not professional of in more episodes of Sarah Does Singapore! It’s still a fun time to be had. Heh, heh.

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5 thoughts on “SDS 1.13 – She Bangs”

  1. Hi Sarah!

    Been an avid reader of your blog,and I especially love your “Sarah Does Singapore” series! It’s quite rare to find a fellow Singaporean who enjoys spending her wkends exploring Singapore other than the usual malls/clubs.

    Likewise, my boyfriend and I try to visit somewhere less common each weekend too and it’s really true that Singapore isn’t as boring as what many thought.

  2. Imagine the jaw dropping experience when we saw Parkway Parade and went, “EH! WE HAVE STRAIGHT BUSES TO PARKWAY PARADE!”

    Cheat my feelings! HAHAH.

    ~ Joelyn Alexandra

  3. Hey sarah~! I went to Lilliputt with my bf and it was really fun! But it was tiring though. Heh. Really look forward to more of your adventures so I can drag my bf along! Hahaha!

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