USBs, jewelry and the Blogger’s Lounge aka 247 Lounge


They’re selling these food USB at the school bookshop where I am at. Verily amused. There’s mini hamburgers, tarts and other food items too. AM tempted to get the sushi ones. Hmmm. They’re $29.90 and at 2GBs. I know it’s expensive for the size but it’s more for the shape of it.


Meanwhile, had a little class on jewelry manufacturing at JDMIS on Wednesday night. Never have I wanted more jewelry than then. I learnt how people made jewelry and oh man… If you want someone to give you a really expensive wedding ring of sorts. Ask for a good quality pave (I don’t have the special e with the stroke on top on this keyboard) since that would mean the ring would have to be hand made just for youuuu. Anyway hand manufactured jewelry = very very time consuming.


Onwards to the Blogger’s Lounge. It’s been renamed to 247 Lounge at the moment of this post though. You pronounce it as twenty-four, seven lounge. Heh. Not two four seven. It’s hosted by the 24 Seven people. Check their webby to know more about them or their blog.


From the sorta secret location where it’s at, I brought along Raven Azure with me and promptly got lost. Not that me bringing people around would means we’d always get lost that is. Even if I keep saying I got lost on my twitter whenever I go anywhere… See the circle on the picture? We were on the 44th floor and could see the location on where I was during this shoot.


We got to try out funky new computers! See the remote? HOHOHOHOH. That’s for the Lenovo All-In-One PC. The model is the ideacentre A600 and oooh, oooh! You know the Wii? THIS REMOTE ACTS AS THE SAME THING. Only, you know… It’s PC and not Nintendo. The monitor is a 21.5 inch with full HD resolution. Plus, it’s pretty flat so you can just stick it somewhere on your table or maybe under your bed.

Okay, not under your bed but you can hide it under your bed if suddenly you don’t want your wife/husband/friends to find out you actually have it and would hog it to themselves because there ARE games included like tennis, bowling and I’m not sure what (didn’t see all the games it came with).

Oh hey, you know the remote? YOU CAN ACTUALLY use it as a VOIP handset besides using it as a mouse. And a media remote since it’s got play, pause, stop etc for watching your dvds/movies or for listening to music.


Lenovo makes laptops and tiny netbooks too but I went gasp at this huge thing. It’s not a lap laptop but it’s like if you don’t want a CPU and yet still want something big and powerful? That’s the Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds Mobile Workstation. The little window on the right slides in and out!


Plus, it has a little tablet thing on it too! It’s like… Oh man, everything on it! Check the specs online yourself at their website or something. But good grief, it’s got big drive capabilities, dvd burners etc etc! It’s 4.69kg if you’re wondering by the way since it IS supposed to be a workspace and not a lap laptop.

Unless you have a huge lap.


Those guys are the Tech65 guys. They reviewed on the new Samsung phones that’s (going to be?) out. Heh, heh. Oh and look at their website and vidcasts more if you wanna know tech stuff. They’re much more “serious” than me when talking about tech gear. This should be the post they were doing that night.


Never have I eaten so much pizza this month than any other months due to shoots and other things. Yesss, they had pizza! Yesssss, I ate it.


De Coder’s cafe sponsored some games and I was playing Monopoly’s Card Deal game and LOST. Mind you, this is much more exciting than regular Monopoly. Next tiiiiiime, next time I will know more on how to be devious! Players were the other bloggers which amusingly, I have read before. I was sitting next to Pat Law and was vaguely listening to a convo of her with Cullen regarding AWARE. Vaguely because I was STILL losing the game anyway.

Also, was very, very much tempted to ask Cullen when I was introduced to him if anyone ever told him, “You mean like Edward Cullen, that Cullen?” but I’m sure he has heard it a million times before or something. Plus, that would be rude, inappropriate and lead to a lot of awkward pauses. Awkwaaaaard. So I didn’t.


Got to meet the ladies of Lenovo since the company did sponsor to bring the stuff for us to see and play! They were pretty nice and interesting too!

The whole thing was a casual affair and cam-whoring was involved because duh, one must have interesting and cam-whory shots especially at a blogger’s event! It was pretty cosy and nice too, furthermore, we got funky postcards and a hardcover Lenovo notebook and a 24Seven paperback notebook.

There’s gonna be future events soooooo… bloggers who’re reading this… Why aren’t you signed up at 24Seven, yet?

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2 thoughts on “USBs, jewelry and the Blogger’s Lounge aka 247 Lounge”

  1. We lost like mad, that game. HAHAHA. I wasn’t probably playing as well. My ears were everywhere.

    P/S – I was absolutely tempted to ask the Edward Cullen question too. =P

    ~ Raven Azure

  2. Hey Sarah!

    Thanks for coming and sharing your experience! Glad you had fun! And thanks for the link love! And YES! Surely will have more of such events coming up! Hope to see you again soon.


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