That’s it for Sydney!

I’m just going to compile all the other adventures we had in the rest of the week in Sydney in this post.

Hahhah. Or, tl:dr, just click the video. That one mostly has stuff of us at Luna Park though.

Olympic park!


Cause you know, we should actually HAVE one picture of me on a scoot, scooting away in Sydney. Else I wouldn’t be in Sydney if Scoot hadn’t Scooted me here.

Try saying that ten times fast.

Off the scooter.

This is me apparently falling off the scooter.

I don’t know.

This was actually requested by my friends, so yeah. Plus, it looked amusing.


Kebabs! Lyn brought me to Kings Cross so that we could try out the best kebabs in her opinion. And really, it really is good and it was the size of my forearm?

Maybe I have small forearms.

Let’s just go with 12 inches, it was around there and THICK.

That’s what I said.


BIRDS! An ibis, a seagull and pigeons. I managed to see a pelican only when I went to Parramatta via ferry.

BEWARE of the birds. For they want your food.

So just make sure your food is protected from them and that you give them THE LOOK.

We were sitting around and they were slowly trying to creep up on us in case we would drop anything.

Friendship is magic? No, it's not even a ship. It's a ferry.

A ferry! We didn’t take that though, we took another one while ‘wasting’ time after our morning adventures. Actually, it was more like we wanted to try take ferry because our multipass lets us do so!

We wanted to go to Manly beach but darn it, it was out of the zone our multipass was used for, so Lyn figured out which ferry we could head to and it was Parramatta.


It was 1 hour and 30 minutes of just sitting or standing there in the ferry as we travelled towards Parramatta. Quite interesting how it all worked too since we don’t have large boats as water taxis.

The only water taxi we have in Singapore goes around the boat quay, Raffles Place area where the river is but even then they don’t use passes like ezlink to travel on it.

It's a golden gaytime.

There wasn’t much at Parramatta except for some restaurants and shops so we had a Golden Gaytime instead.

Guys, if you were colour blind, you would know this is our RAINBOW ICE CREAM just that it has biscuit crumbs coating on it!

So, ignoring the colours aside, you can recreate this in Singapore by buying our Paddlepop rainbow scoopable (not the usual one) ice cream from a tub and try sprinkle some crumbs on it.

Golden Gaytime is just a creamier version of it since the coating helps to keep the shape instead of our usual paddlepop.

Considering they’re both from the same company anyway.


Haigh’s chocolate was the first shop we saw when we went out of the train station on the first day. Well, not the first shop but the first shop we WERE looking out for and yay.

They’re not available outside of Australia thus we kind of went to the store… a lot for the week we were in Sydney.

Did you know they ask you if you wanted a ‘tasting’ after your purchase?


They’d give you a bit of whatever it is the flavour for the day and oh my goodness, it’s like happiness maximum when you go in, buy chocolate. Get a free tasting too and walk out going “HEE HEE HEE CHOCOLATE” and with such glee too.

If you are in Australia and see a Haigh’s, just go in buy some chocolate.

Or a lot.

Manly beach

We also managed to go to Manly beach on principle because IT IS A BEACH and yay thanks to Arrch for driving us there for that. The water was cool and the tide was coming in, so it was AHHHHH I WALK TO THE WATER AND NOW THE WATER COMES TO ME.

Anyway, that was lovely since the wind was sooo cooling.

Alan Davies at QVB!

Somehow we were also able to catch Alan Davies of QI (and much more) at the QVB (Queen Victoria Building) on Friday too. Technically, we stalked inside the ABC shop and bought OTHER things and this was a super discreet picture.

I know some of you twitter people wanted us to bring Stephen Fry’s book or DVD and ask him to sign it but no.

I like the trains.

See the Harbor Bridge there? We were going ON IT.

Oh this was when we were in the train station. DID YOU KNOW the trains here are double deckered? Or at least it has an upper floor and a lower floor besides the bit where you enter the train.

AND!! Their seats are reversible. Like you can push it and it turns the opposite way so you can sit directly opposite your friend or whatever. I found that totally fascinating by the way and tried to reverse the seats whenever I had the opportunity to.

Bridge Climb!

YAY! We took the Bridge Climb package in the day and it is super cool. Be sure to read the rules and requirements if you want to try it. You can’t bring ANYTHING on the climb, not even personal cameras or phones due to safety.

Oh and if you are going to Sydney, DO IT because they’ll finish their lease in 2020? There abouts and then there will be tenders open for companies to do the climb, either way you know tenders could either stick to them or a new company and that might take a longer while or something.

On the bridge!

Worry not about pictures though because the guide will take pics for you! One free group pic is included in the package and a video too. If you wanted more pics, buy them.

To me, it really WAS affordable because if you compare the prices of pictures in a package with USB etc, theirs is cheaper than the ones we have in Singapore.

And we know I have been to many places in Singapore and bought pictures to even compare the prices.


Click to enlarge THIS picture. From the package with the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb, we got complimentary tickets to the Pylon Lookout.

You can take as much pictures at the lookout too so yeah!

Hello Kitty!

There’s a souvenir shop at the Pylon lookout too and ARGH if only they had this Hello Kitty in a smaller size.

SO EVIL, THEY KNOW THAT THIS IS CUTE and in the uniform for the Bridge Climb too! Oh, this HK isn’t available in the Bridge Climb souvenir shop so if you want this, go to the Pylon Lookout instead.

It's a rhino.

If you were on the bridge, on the ferry or well, passing by somehow near circular quay, you would notice an amusement park on the other side of the bridge.

Luna Park at night!



It lights up at night.


It looks creeptastic to me but it doesn’t to others, I think?


It was the only place where I didn’t buy souvenirs for friends because I knew they would want to burn them and scream in horror at the clowns. Besides the whole clown things, I actually did have a lot of fun there.

There was a game where you had to hit the thing, which I kind of forget the name now with a hammer and I won a whoopee cushion.

The rides were thrilling and there are discounts if you check online for various timings or days too. We took the evening 2 for 1 tickets that you could get online at their site.

SOOO FUN, it was like the amusement park you see in American teenage horror movies! Mirror mazes, bumper cars, giant candy floss!

I liked it, just don’t go there if you’re horrified of clowns.

The fish market

I’d like to end off with the fish market. Because it is awesome.

Aww shucks!

The theme for this trip had been chocolate and seafood.


AWESOMENESS because we just one each once she shucked it for us. Of course, before that we actually had a platter of seafood… and 3 oysters each too for lunch. It may be a ‘touristy’ thing by the Sydney fish market is really a fish market!

You can buy your seafood and go home and cook it or eat it there.

Alright and that was it for Sydney!

What wasn’t pictured here was us going to the Guylian Cafe at the Rocks, having pancakes at Pancakes at the Rocks, Gelato Messina and a heck load of mini cafes of sorts. 6 days was packed with food and adventure and WOAH.

Ok, that was it for our stay in Sydney. The last day had us rushing to the airport because of a stupid jam even if we had gone out of the house more than an hour before our check in time.

WE RACED to the gate and the lady at the Scoot counter processed our tickets and bags so thank goodness for that because it was just ONE MINUTE BEFORE it closed. Ahhh, then we raced into the security and went “AHHH” because we had to fill in a form to go through the customs and I ducked under the rope barrier queue things and took them from the desk.

In a hurry as we queued up to the customs person, we filled in our forms, got past it and then got through the security and YAY.


BACK TO SINGAPORE. Not yet though because we had to wait until the gate was open for us so yay, we could have a little loo break and fill our bottles with water at the cooler thereabouts.

And then, we finally were able to get into the plane when the announcements said it was ready for us to go.

THAT was the only unnecessary adventure through the whole trip but I guess, if we didn’t have it, we wouldn’t be able to tell it to our friends how CLOSE we were to not getting on the plane and the thrill of it.

Anyway, we had fun and I like to totally of course thank Scoot for the free return tickets. Thank Arrch for the place to stay! (Check out his shop, you gamers!) And Lyn for being the plus one on my trip and going on said ridiculous adventures!

Gosh, ok. This will hopefully not be the last of Sarah Does Sydney.

I want to return for the chocolates, obviously.

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