St Patrick’s Parade! With SEJA!

Last year I was lugging camera gear at the parade. This year… Okay, I’m doing the same thing again BUT! Check out my friends from SEJA!


No, in real life their light sabres don’t glow that good due to the sunlight.

They’ll be at the parade again this year, doing their performance! The Jedi and the Sith. Pay no mind to Darth Vader and the storm troopers. Okay, you can pay them mind since they’re actually our pals from Singapore’s 501st (the largest imperial legion in South East Asia). But yeah, this year’s parade on the 15th March will have them again in the Star Wars contingent.


They’ll be having a new choreographed fight performance this year too at the same place in front of the UOB Plaza at Raffles Place!


Okay so yeah, I’m no cartographer but the parade with all other contingents from different communities and such whatnot in Singapore will be along Clarke Quay to stop at the place near the river. Drop at Raffles Place MRT, it’ll be that space in between the UOB plazas. Not sure the timing since it depends on the whole parade and the eventual march from CQ to there.


So come see them or the Sith will get you! Or okay, not but still, it’ll be nice if you were in the area and wanted to check out the St Patrick’s Day parade! You’ve got all the Irish committees and other cultural/school/etc groups there too!

Check out the SEJA promo here:

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2 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Parade! With SEJA!”

  1. And guess who is this year’s Grand Marshall for the St Patrick’s Parade? Mise! (That’s Irish for ‘ME’)

    Actually there are two of us. I’ll be at the front leading the parade — at least I’ve been told that’s all I have to do. So I will see you there!

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