Singapore Writers Festival 2009!


Look! The Singapore Writers Festival’s website is now up! You can now download the forms, read the rules and application form for the Golden Point Award 2009.

GPA Summary:

  • From 10 March to 29 May
  • $16 application fee
  • Passport photo of yourself
  • 100 word bio of yourself in English
  • 4 copies of your manuscript
  • And the application form ( Of course.)

You can write it in English/Malay/Chinese/Tamil in either poetry or a short story form. A minimum of 5 poems with a max of 8 and for short story, it’s 5000 words max.

Obviously it must be original, unpublished and oh here’s the thing, you can’t enter this competition if you’re a published writer! Just so you know, more fine details, just look at their forms.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the squiggly I down the centre looks like a trail of dripping blood.

    Or maybe an editor’s red ink, which is just worse.

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