Mentor Access Project applications are up!

NAC’s Mentor access project is up again! I’m going to try for the playwriting bit. And here’s copy pasting the info!

The Mentor Access Project (MAP), organised by National Arts Council, is now open for applications for its seventh intake starting in July 2009. MAP is an 18-month mentorship programme to ensure the sustained development of emerging writers by providing them with mentorship opportunities and ongoing critical feedback.

Apart from having the privilege of being tutored by an established writer/playwright, participants will enjoy opportunities for peer interaction and to foster stronger connections with the Singapore literary scene.

Selected applicants can also participate in Masterclass Talks and workshops conducted by established writers, public readings, as well as discussion forums and talks covering the business of publishing, such as copyrights and literary representations (agents).

The New Book Initiative enables promising original works submitted by MAP participants to be considered for book publication, in conjunction with NAC’s Publishing and Translation Grant. This is on top of enjoying publishing opportunities in an online literary journal to be produced by MAP at the end of the mentorship period.

Application is now open to Singaporean citizens or permanent residents, aged 18 years and above, writing in the field of poetry, prose or drama in any of the four official languages.

Deadline for application: May 15, 2009

For the newly-released 2009 application form, please email:

Oh snap! I got to prepare a little portfolio before the end of May! I can do that, I think.

EDIT 24 March 2009:

Updated info with forms here!

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