Silver ring with gemstone setting class at JDMIS!


Yes! I went to the Jewelry Design & Management International School on Saturday, 10am for their course on making rings. What I have to say is that it is ridiculous that there are very few reviews about this school online. At least I can’t find much reviews on it especially when after experiencing it myself and that it’s absolutely good?!? I suppose the people attending the classes aren’t really major bloggers anywho.

Well onwards with the module!

So, I emailed them to ask about the ring with stone setting class and got an email pretty promptly and then I replied with my phone number to know more. One of the registry people, Paul, there called me and he’s very informative and nice!

Bla bla bla, eventually I signed up for the class! Sadly, with my running around in adventures and all, I can’t do the certificate of silver jewelry fabrication just like that, not to mention my adventure/courses money budget. In any case, if you DO take the certificate course, you’d actually get the tools to keep plus it’s cheaper in the long run!

This doesn’t mean my module is useless though, it was very good and oh, since I can’t take the certificate just like that doesn’t mean I can’t have it. I figure I’ll take each of the modules one by one really, really slowly. They’ll add up to the credits and then I could actually have the certificate still if I wanted it.

Short history, the school’s founded by Tanja Sadow and she’s a very good designer/jewelrer whatever the name is for it. In any case, the classes are well planned/taught/etc.

Meanwhile, my class on that day was taught by Adele! She had very pretty custom silver bling bling jewelry on as she taught us. Actually, most of the staff there I noticed had VERY nice jewelry on.

It’s reassuring in a way like, you can see what they can do! For example you know how comic stores are run by comic people geeks or that tattoo parlours have artists that are inked up? It’s nice to see that the teachers or staff have jewelry on, it’s like a mini showcase of what they do!

Oh right, let’s get on what I learnt, shall we?


We measured our fingers where our rings were supposed to be worn. Apparently I’m a size 19 and oh, what we were using was 7 grams of silver clay to make it. Looks a bit rough there in the beginning, doesn’t it?


I know it looks clayish but it isn’t! Ho ho! This one has been dried and then stuck in a kiln for ten minutes! All we had to do was then brush the oxide layer off our rings. Mind you, if you don’t have a kiln at home, you can actually use your kitchen stove or if you have those handheld torches for cooking, that works too!


And voila! It can be shined more if I wanted but yesssss. Isn’t it lovely? I could wear it too! Some fun facts, this is FINE silver. It’s not sterling silver like what you see in some roadside shops and all so if you want, you can probably hurt werewolves (if you ever met one) with it. Since it IS fine silver or .999 silver instead of .925 sterling silver.

Oh, it’s not THAT soft by the way if you’re thinking that it might bend and all after you’re done doing your piece.

Thus, if you want to check out and learn how to make jewelry, check the school and rates out here:

But oh if you’re going to the class, make sure you go AROUND of Sunshine plaza, the entrance is to the OFFICE side of the entrance. You can only get to it from outside of the mall and you’ll see the security guard including the lifts there! Not the residential lifts mind you!

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3 thoughts on “Silver ring with gemstone setting class at JDMIS!”

  1. Great, I was looking for some info like this. You’re right, it’s hard to find reviews of jewellery workshops online, actually, I’m having a hard time finding jewellery workshops themselves. I contacted JDMIS, but I had to leave a msg on their answering machine. Hope they get back to me soon. I’m afraid that they don’t conduct these 1 day workshops anymore though. Do you know of any other jewellery schools that might do so?


  2. Hi Noah, unfortunately I don’t know any where else. There is a shop in Orchard Central but I’m not sure of their name, I passed by it once it had a short workshop for silver clay too. You could try email JDMIS too for they reply quite fast.

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