Happiness at the end of the Nano Kick Off


First up, yes. Our book is published! You can buy it online here. Currently, since it just got printed and all, it will take quite a bit of time before the distributors would distribute the copies into the various bookshops here (may be in the coming weeks). If you’re wanting the book now, then it’s best to just order it online first from Two Trees, the publisher. Quick summary, 8 short stories, set at the end of the world but with happy endings. Press release found when you click on the above links. It’s a very interesting compilation by the way! I’m not saying that just because I’m one of the writers there but because I went “Ooooh!” at the other stories too.

Now onwards to Singapore’s NaNoWriMo kick-off!


Ours was 2pm but we came around 1.30pm YET, the cafe was filled with people. Some of them Nanowrimo-ers too. Uugh, uugh! It was slightly crowded so we hurried and set up our signs, books and goodie bags. We didn’t want the guests to wait too long even when it wasn’t yet our session!


According to the sign in sheet, there were at least 56 Nanowrimoers. This excluded me and the rest of the Happy Smiley Writers Group because we were busy setting up the place. Also, with the book launch attendees, it was an estimated of at LEAST 70 people in the Earshot Cafe.

Heeeeeeeeeeelp! There seemed to be not even enough standing room and everyone was sprawled around in all the seats of the cafe. Kinda cool when you… I JUST REALIZED IT WAS AROUND 70 PEOPLE LISTENING TO US TALK AND BEING SILLY. AAAAAH.

But yes, anyway, Nanowrimo isn’t serious. If you take it seriously, you’ll fail in doing it anyway. Goodie bags were while stocks last and even though I packed A LOT of them, they were all gone! So yay, I didn’t have to bring them home. Considering Singapore is such a tiny island, compared to other countries like Australia, USA and Malaysia… It’s rather encouraging to see so many of them to attend the kick-off party!

Now, for them to finish their novels by the end of November…

Anyway, the kick-off was pretty good and SOOO, SOOOOOOO much thanks to the National Arts Council for giving us the general grant money for presentation and promotion, which we used for pretty much presentation and promotion and stuff for the writers. We still have the Thank Goodness It’s Over party when all is done in December anyway (and the weekend write-ins for the month of November).

For any nano-ers reading this blog, I’m gonna write down links and info in the coming weeks on how to get stuff ready or tips how to send it to publishers/agents and stuff in Singapore in the coming weeks as we write on.

Oh yes, besides the NAC people, SO MUCH freaking thanks to the Singapore Writers Festival and their volunteers including the Arts House. Only, no idea who to direct thanks as in email to so if you’re from anyone there including the Earshot Cafe staff, THANKS!!!

Of course not forgetting to those who attended it! Too much to specify but you know who you are if you attended!


Thus, we had the nano-kick off and then a reading from the book since it was written by 8 of us Nano-ers. Just keep writing people and when you polish it up there’s always opportunity to show case it somewhere.

If you’re stubborn enough because it’s totally a lot of work in any case.


At least I’m sure everyone who got to eat cake was happy. It was freaking delicious nonetheless. Ordered it from eCreative cakes! Their service is always very good and their cakes are gorgeous! A sweet start to your creative journey in writing! The end of the event and we still had time so book signings and people talked to each other about what stories they were going to write. It was close to 4pm and we packed up since the next event was setting up too.

Meanwhile… Outside the queue was sprawling out of the Arts House and along its lawn.


Fun note, Destiny was carrying Memoir’s of Lee Kwan Yew which is pretty amusing because it’s Destiny. Figured it’s the only thick big book the person had besides the ironic fact of which book it was. Delirium is so cute with her fish balloon.

That’s a hint of what event I went to the next day since obviously I couldn’t go to the panels on Saturday that featured Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer (they had two events, one is about children’s books by Neil and the other is “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”, a pretty cool performance by the lady herself with collaborative readings with her boyfriend aka Neil).

Heh, next post will totally be on that. Whenever I get my videos edited. Oh and considering it was Halloween, there was a performance by Amanda in the Arts House because it was rainy outside! Tiramisue attended it and it was awesome.

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  1. Hi Sarah!

    I’m the guy who did Wesley Dodds! Was looking for pictures of my friends and I from that day and stumbled upon your blog.


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