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Hohohoh, I went to the Nuffnang Blogger symposium with Miz Divine! You might remember her from the kite flying episode where this is her. She was going for the I eat, I shoot, I post session while I was going for Xiaxue‘s so we both met up since the starting of the whole symposium is when everyone is there anyway.

I was early. The queue for the registration was pretty fast even when Miz Divine arrived when it was close to starting time.

We managed to get seats in the upper rows. Mind you, there were still lots outside registering. Ooh before we went in the auditorium, we got our photos taken in front of a Bloggers’ Symposium sign thing sponsored by Canon! We got our photos printed out by them and took it during break time.

The programme had the intro by the Nuffnang people and the 5 contestants who were finalists for the happiest photo competition. The photographer who took the picture of the one with the kid and the red ball won a Canon powershot s90 by the way. There was a lot of people being nervous on stage since it was the first symposium and all. Anywho, after the intro we got to go to tea break! Oh yes, we got a goodie bag sponsored by Canon. Canon is a sponsor obviously. Pretty good since HOHOHOH, I use Canon for my pictures anywho.

Naturally, sushi would be the first thing to finish at a buffet. Short break, Miz Divine went upstairs and I went back to the auditorium since Xiaxue’s session was there!

I know, you either hate or like Xiaxue. As for me, I like her posts because they are funny. That or you don’t get it. Anywho the vid above is the tiny intro for her session. There were lots of people! Those with special pink badge tags came only for her session since in actual fact, there was an overwhelming response. I managed to register for the whole thing that day so for those with the pink tags, they just went for her session.

There were papers on each seat and I looked at the first page and bwuahaha-ed to myself. It was pretty good! She taught us how to camwhore and tips. It’s very useful, really. The other pages showed how to use some techniques on photoshop.

You actual had to be there because as she demo-ed, she commented pretty funny things. Oh and everyone went “OOOOOOooooooooh” when she used the liquify tool. The thing is, I know more about the tools of photoshop but I don’t remember what every tool can do. For those who have seen my works, it was Xiaxue who made me go “Ooooh” on the uses of photoshop.

During the session you can know she’s not a professional Adobe Photoshop Instructor BUT it’s how she uses the tools to do it! It’s like, if you don’t have imagination, you won’t be able to even use the tools properly? There’s many methods to doing a thing on PS anyway so it was pretty cool to see how she did it her way.

AND SHE ACTUALLY DOES PHOTOSHOP EVERY PICTURE ON HER BLOG. As in her face. Which is wow, that’s a lot of work. Her reason is that, might as well look pretty online if not in real life, yes? But not too extreme until you’re unrecognizable, she says.

And she actually did start a bit early from the stated time because there were a lot of people sitting around in the auditorium anyway. Like, it filled pretty much 2/3 of it before it even started. Thus, there was quite a bit of time left. Kenny Sia lurked into the session, someone asked Xiaxue how does she do teeth so… THERE! Impromptu demonstration!

Naturally, most of us went YES when she wondered aloud if she should give him makeup, mascara etc. VOILA. A masterpiece! So yes, the session was fun. Educational and fun.

When her session ended, Nuffnang gave a little briefing preview of a new project of theirs. An online shopping mall thing launched in May! So, more info then, heh. And then 15 minutes to the next bit of the day where everyone else came back from their own sessions. The ones with the pink tags went away while the rest of us stayed.

There was an opportunity to take a picture with Xiaxue and YES, I did go down to take a picture with her! She’s very, very popular, funny and nice. Well, she’s nice if you’re nice too, heh.

SO YAY! Miz Divine came back from the session she went to and we sat there. The rest of the programme was prize giving for the one who won the photo competition and a lucky draw too. We didn’t win, ALAS. Still, that was pretty nice. OH YES, if you checked out Nuffnang’s official site/albums you can try to spot us in the group picture if you can. Heh, heh.

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