SDS 1.23 – Game of Love

SPORE! If you read the previous post, you’d know I was on the panel about SFF (science fiction and fantasy) writers existing in Singapore. This post however is on the convention itself! It was at Pasir Ris Community Club. SPORE-CON is a gaming convention. You can call it “analog” gaming though and not the digital ones you’d find on the computer. These are the ones where you use cards, miniature figurines, board games etc!

First up, I went up to the conference room for the cozy little panel about SFF writing in Singapore. You can read what I pretty much thought of it in my other post. Or also Jolantru’s take on it. Um, that’s my Creative Vado. I just put it like that in case if I wanted to press record and leave it be or something. I didn’t use it though.

After the whole panel, we went down to check out the games! First though we could collect free goodie bags! You get a stamp on your hand once you got your baggy. It had a free starter deck of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, a Munchkin card, bookmarks and other things. Each goodie bag was different in a sense of what sort of item or deck you’d get. I got a Nosferatu one.

Ok, you could check out the map to see the layout of what games were where. We checked the place but we were drawn to the middle there cause they had even more casual random games. And by random, I meant the ones that are more like party games!

To clarify who the “we” are for this part of the day was Joelyn Alexandra, Avariel and Mintea. I don’t know where Jo went but Mintea and I were playing Ala Carte with two boys while Avariel was taking pictures too. It’s like analog Cooking Mama… and Mintea won. RAAAAAAAAR. Darn your dexterous scientist shaking skills! In the game, you’re supposed to finish either 3 dishes with stars (no mistakes) or 5 dishes (with mistakes). It just takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that… NYUUUUUR.

Anyway, so after the game was finished, we went around to the other parts of the hall for a looksee.

There were glass cases and some guys were painting too. Arrch (my sponsor of cheap romance novels?!) would have been awesome in the painting competition here if he had come then. Perhaps next year? He usually wins miniature painting awards in Australia! And yessss, there were a bunch of competitions lined up in the 2 days of SPORE.

Meanwhile, the free deck we received in the goodie bag could be used at some of the tables that were demo-ing the game. Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. It’s not about their struggle from trying to eat their lurved ones while trying to look miserable and sparkly or whatever. It’s a game where you pit against other vampires trying to maintain more influence and power etc.

I just like these landscapes for the miniatures. They look so nice. I think they were preparing for a campaign or more landscapey things when we were there. Anyway with this, I might just try out next year and hold a little “How to Play Magic: the Gathering” thing if possible. There’s always been people interested in it but thought it was complicated and such. And oooh yesss, THIS CONVENTION IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY PARADIGM INFINITE.

Not like I’m sponsored by them or anything but if you guys ever want to get those games, it’s there.

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11 thoughts on “SDS 1.23 – Game of Love”

  1. I think MTG is banned. 😛 Besides MTG has a quarterly release and pre-release events and the nationals. The last time I was at a MTG event, it was at SunTec city.

  2. Hahah NOT tournament style. But it in general. And yes, they do but they’re not “newbie” friendly. I HAVE been to the tournaments before and it’s definitely not the environment where one would like to learn it. Also, being a girl is fun since once, I got a life token for being a girl when they were trying to encourage girl gamers.

  3. paradigm infinitum. >.<

    you didn't stop in at the dominion tournament? i like dominion.

  4. We walked through the whole thing. I just didn’t post up every picture of the different games happening.

  5. Talk to Daimien at PI if you want to host a MTG demo table next year. I don’t know where Spore-con next year will be. Woodlands?

  6. Hahah no idea but yes, I’ll see if possible next year. If I want to, I’d have to draw up a proposal and everything to! So yeah. Much preparation.

  7. If you’re holding a demo, do you want me along? I used to play at tournaments. I could bring some of my students as well if they have the time; they still play some fun formats.

  8. Hahah anything but it won’t be any time soon! The convention is yearly so it won’t happen again for this time of the year anyway.

  9. Ooh shame you didn’t get to try Dominion, it’s really fun!

    You should find out if I can enter the painting competition via post or something! Or by proxy via you!

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