SDS 3.5 – Like a Stone

Off we go to the Marina Bay Sand’s Art Science Museum! To get to the Marina Bay Sands, we figured to just take a bus from the Raffles’ Hotel bus stop since it would be quite a walk if we didn’t. In any case, the arts science museum is the lotus looking thing there.

Our mission! To check out the Salvador Dali exhibit! We pretty much just split the price of the balance of tickets needed PLUS a discount since we used an OCBC card since that was the promotion. Doing that is kinda fun like some Uno game where you use wild cards to get what you want, heh.

Once you get off from the bus, you have to walk towards the lotus like building. Can’t remember why it is shaped like that but it’s got fengshui or something. It’s supposed to be the “biggest lotus” there amidst the flowers in the water feature.

The weekend that we visited the museum was a Screen Singapore and Women’s fashion week so red carpets lined our way to the entrance. Not sure if it’s there on a regular day. Meanwhile, there were orange lobsters cover the ceiling of the entrance since it was a Salvador Dali thing. You can’t exactly see but it’s those orange things near the sign on top.

Make sure you keep your tickets with you throughout your visit there. You need it to enter the place and to also exit the place. Once you get out, you can’t enter once more so make your trip count! Besides the Salvador Dali exhibit, there was the Van Gogh Alive and Shipwrecked – Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds.

I think the Adventure Crew have spoiled ourselves in a way since we’ve gone to an exhibit that had featured Van Gogh before. However, the information for this exhibit talked more in depth of his relationship with his brother and other depressive Van Gogh things! As you enter the place, you will find yourself immersed in the paintings with music playing in the background.

It is very nice when it starts the section with the Starry, Starry Night and you are engulfed with stars all around you.

And then for the exhibit about Shipwrecked, it was total dejavu! Or well, not really. We went to the exhibit at Vivocity before with the same sort of topic. I don’t think I posted it here but Joelyn did! I must say, they like to focus more on pottery and more handmade items of the stuff they have found. Very quiet too as you’d look around the place.

This isn’t the actual entrance of the exhibit but one of the inner ones. The actually entrance will make you go “Ooooh” since you have to pass through a sort of smoke with his face on it.

There’s so much in this exhibit! His illustrations and sculptures! I am not going to post up all the pictures of those but only of my favourite ones at the exhibit. The unicorn, if you looked at another angle would be piercing through a heart shaped hole into the wall with blood dripping! Salvador Dali had a lot of illustrations too and also, I liked that swan elephant piece since it’s like a Transformer but not.

He did a lot of things besides sculptures and illustrations. He did furniture and paintings of a set for Alfred Hitchcock in the movie, Spellbound. You remember how the lotus shape of the Arts Science Museum is? Yes, the furniture is going upwards.

The crew getting inspired. Or rather it was quite a lot of walking. Salvador Dali also had collaborations with a crystal company and there were also photos of him there! I didn’t get (rent?) the audio tour but I’m sure it would have had more info if I did listen to it. Programmes and an actual tour was available too but we didn’t get to go on them in time. Still, the Salvador Dali is the one worth going to at the Arts Science Museum at the moment.

With the Salvador Dali exhibit done, we headed upstairs to check out the “default” gallery of the museum. It isn’t much, just a little video show of uh, art and science and how they work together and then fwooosh Arts Science Museum! There was a section where you get to play with large touchscreens though and to send an e-postcard to your friends! I made the one above with mustaches everywhere.

Before we left, we decided to do some paper crafts! The cup is supposed to be one of the golden cups from the Shipwrecked exhibit. It is not very easy to make. Or at least, everything was ok except for the handle since the instructions were not clear for that.

Another girl who was doing it while her friend did another papercraft was going all “How does the handle work? Help meee” and yeah, she was the same age as us too. Hahahah, I managed to figure it out eventually too but ok, they should have an example done there like the sunflower which was taped to the… tape that we used.

Oh and the main museum shop is at the basement too! Earlier on, we took a picture at the Van Gogh side and we collected our pictures there. It’s one of those souvenir pictures going for $15 a piece including the cover and all. It was swanky.

In conclusion, our first time at the Arts Science Museum was nice. It’s pretty posh and new. It is less interactive in a way compared to the other museums here but then, this one is more of a private collection type. Very quiet but we figured that for the price you pay to enter, you best go there when there’s actually a main exhibit with the others as “bonus” since it’s not worth it if you just go to the default galleries.

So plan your dates and check out what exhibits they have first and what programmes you might want to join!

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