Heading to the Room of Requirement

Those gearing up for the Harry Potter Party at the multipurpose room of the National Library on 9 July, 6.30pm can check out Popcorn for movie memorabilia and props! You’ll get a 20% discount from 1 July – 26 July for Harry Potter items there. Hurray for them giving us a discount for the upcoming movie!

Just flash the coupon above on your mobile devices or a printed slip to them when buying your Harry Potter merchandise there.

In related news, no discounts for Caesar’s but they’re selling lighted wands there. Apparently they typoed Voldemort to Valdermort in their flyer… BUT ANYWHO, yeah if you want to LUMOS, the wands are pretty good since I tried them out when their stall was at Cosfest.

NOW! More details of the HP Party.

  • We’re expecting a LOT of people since response is like WOAH. So to be sure, remember this is a LIBRARY and we need to keep the noise down so be “quiet” like you’re sneaking to the room of requirement when you’re just entering the place.
  • Also due to the woaah response, if the librarian says no more people allowed in, then no more people allowed in. However, let’s try to all get seated inside eh?
  • It’s a fan event by fans! To make it enjoyable, hope you guys will participate or it will be sad.

Yeah, that’s it! Just remember NLB let us have the place so we’ll have to go according to their rules ok?

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2 thoughts on “Heading to the Room of Requirement”

  1. Hi, you don’t need to register. Technically it was open via NLB’s e-booking but then I don’t really see the list either. You just head on there and well, just go! We don’t check who RSVPs, the registering is more of just a procedure for the room. As long as there is space, you are welcomed to come.

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