SDS 3.6 – Perfect

This episode starts out with us attending the book reading/launch of Ceriph #3 (it’s actually the fourth book but the first one was called issue zero) at Kinokuniya! 2 of our friends are in this issue! Magical Harkow and Schnoc from Nanowrimo!

It is a special issue where there is a pullout included in the book. The stories are pretty engaging and the poetry too! I was amused with Schnoc’s poem because it had technical things in it which was in a way an oxymoron to how poetry is!

It had a pretty good turn out too so that’s cool. You can buy the book either at Kinokuniya or Books Actually since it is published by them from Math Paper Press side. Ok. Once over, we and some of the writers there were off to Hong Lim Park!

It’s also called Speaker’s Corner if you didn’t know. As we got out of the bus, we went ooh cause there were so many people! It’s Pink Dot day there and we figured that we had time to attend this year! This year’s theme was the Freedom to Love.


Here, this is this year’s video directed by Boo Junfeng with the support of a whole lot of people.

We were there pretty late so we were at the tail end of the programme. Had to walk around the volunteers before we could get the fans and look at the flyer for the day. In any case, when we were there, I looked at Jo because Sebastian Tan aka Broadway Beng was on the main stage and doing a performance and said, “Hey… Isn’t this like a-”

“A getai?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

It was because Sebastian was singing Ja-jambo!

Also, Google was one of the sponsors for the event. That’s pretty nifty. For as quoted:

Google’s head of policy for South-east Asia Ann Lavin says it supports Pink Dot’s message as ‘an equal opportunity employer’ which ‘does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, creed, colour, religion, gender (or) sexual orientation’.

The area was crowded, on one side you could buy drinks (pink!) and there was the ice cream man too. Fear and Ignorance were there peppered with pink post-it notes by people while the pink dot was in front of them looking like :c since they were behind it! Heh. Oh yes, say hello to Octavius, you will see him more in future episodes when I am not on camera.

Here, have a walk through with him for the event. He is new, so yeah.

Interestingly we met quite a lot of friends! Well, I did anyway. Before it was time to form the pink dot, Otto Fong and the Dimsum Dollies did a little speech before they started the countdown. This year, it looked more like a pink blob cause it was estimated to be around 10,000 people there so woah!

So that was nice since it was all peaceful without any people protesting or whatnot besides it being seriously pink. Thus, we’ll wonder how next year’s would be since it is doubtful that there would be any space at the rate it is going!

Oh yes, just a note for everyone at ANY event or for whatever thing, if you have a helium balloon, do not release it! The balloon itself will fall somewhere and it won’t biodegrade itself or it might choke some animal who chances upon it in the sea or whatever.  Till next week’s episode of SDS!

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