SDS 3.19 – Speeding Cars

It’s F1 season in Singapore. Hence the roads near the city have gates built up and roads are being diverted when the actual race is on. Before the week when the races were on, there were activities to hype up the event.

Like bands and stuff. I think that is a car/shoe hybrid of some sort considering it is in front of one of those fancy shops.

Uh huh, well I was interested in go-karting! Hohohohoho. Yes, they actually made a whole track at *scape. There was a deal on and thus I knew there was going to be go-kart racing there for the weekend. There were preview pictures and people thought it was a small track… HAH!

It wasn’t.

There were two types of go-karts there. The Swiss Hutless or the Viper. The Viper is the more fancy one with more speed. It was also the more expensive one thus, I went with the Swiss Hutless.

The ones with the black bumper rims thingies were the vipers and in any case, it is so fun to be speeding around on the track!

We got ten minutes worth and you could speed around as much as you want then. Turning on corners is thrilling cause you might skid and do something like Tokyo Drift or something.  Also, if you really put your accelerator on, you totally had to steer the wheel hard considering this is a go-kart and hence no power steering or whatever. If you let go, you might accidentally crash into the barriers or into other people!

It is totally like Mario Kart but without the banana peels and stuff on this track since the ground is smooth.

And yess, if you actually want to see us zooming around for 11.14 minutes, you can watch it here. But basically if you have the chance to go-kart, TAKE IT. There are a few go-kart places in the western side of Singapore, we might try that one day since they have the tarmac tracks there.

Ps. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) won first in the F1 race on the 25th September 2011 here, second place goes to Jenson Button (McLaren) and third to Mark Webber (Red Bull).

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