Let’s write some stories!

Talk/Discussion on Writing Real Life Speculative Fiction

Admission: Free

Location: Central library, multipurpose room (basement)

When: 24 September, Saturday, 6pm

Come on down if you’re interested in learning how to write fiction and yes, finally we have this once more since it was postponed by the elections. Gee.


The same weekend has a WaterFire® art installation by Barnaby Evans at Bedok Reservoir. Main programme starts at 6pm but the fires light up at 7.40pm for 24th and 25th September. I know I’ll be going to the one on Sunday. Would be lovely to check it out and get inspiration and whatnot.

Click the picture above to see the full programme!

Also, what’s this…?

Oooh a Comics Xchange?

Yes! They’ve got workshops for artists and writers. I’m going for the seminar though.

Location: Goodman Arts Centre (You might remember this is the GAC when the crew made a mug)

Time: 10am – 8pm

Date: 1 – 2 October

The seminar is $40 for one day or $60 for both while the workshop is $50 for both days since it’s a course. You choose either:

Character Design for Comics
For anyone age 12 or above (including mature adults!) who would like to know how to create original, convincing and varied characters, then the Actions Workshop is just the place to be. There are basic fundamentals for creating characters – whether or not your passion is Shojo, Fantasy, Superhero or Sci-Fi, and this two day workshop will both strongly enlighten plus entertain!

Plot & Script Writing for Comics
There are many forms of writing, and few are as unique as comics. The Captions Workshop will teach and demonstrate essential fundamentals of plot building, story structuring and development of narrative with character dialogue. How to format a professional script is vital knowledge for any writer, as editors and artists require them to relay clear and concise instructions. Suitable for age 12 and above (including mature adults!).

The programme for the seminar is a whole lot more so you’ll have to check on their website to see which day you’d like to attend… OR GO TO BOTH!

Meanwhile, there’s a FREE entry to the bazaar where you can go there and buy doujinshi, artwork and cosplay.

The grounds of GAC is pretty good for cosplay. Lots of different scenarios you can capture. Plus, I know 24 hour comics is going to be there too, the comics equivalent of Nanowrimo. Sorta.

Anyway, go look see what do you want to do.

They’ve a website and Facebook for you to ask questions if you have any!

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