STGCC 2013 is this weekend!

I'm a field agent

Ahhhh! The Singapore Toy, Game, & Comic Convention is on this coming weekend (31 Aug/ 1 Sep) ! That’s my badge there.

No, that’s not the badge for the entry to the convention. (You can probably try to make your own from the pictures here.)

You have to buy your tickets either at Action City, etc etc they have a list on their website or you can just buy it on the day itself.

I’ve gotten mine for a normal 2 day pass. That is my day 1 outfit since hah, I can just wear formally and stuff and be an agent!

Plus, if you’re hanging around on day 1, around 3pm we’re having an “unofficial” Marvel photoshoot from the Hot Toys booth towards the Marvel booth at 3.30pm. There’s going to be a lot of Iron Mans and other characters then, heh heh heh.

Artwork by Sarah Isabel Dominique

Meanwhile, even though there are things listed on the event programme of STGCC, not everything is stated.

For one thing, if you’re in the Pacific Rim fandom, you can buy this poster by Sarah Isabel Tan while walking THROUGH THE AISLES. Toysrevil have more info on how to purchase this piece.

SKL0 aka Samantha Lo!

Even SKLO or Samantha Lo is collecting pre-orders at STGCC for her first toy there. It’ll be at the Mighty Jaxx booth so check it out.

HAH, be cultured, GET IT?

Good toy to be used as a gift to those who you think need to be more cultured or are super cultured or something.

Basically, if you’re on tumblr just search the tag for STGCC too cause some artists from the artist alley might post up previews of what you might be able to buy there.

Remember my survival guide for STGCC 2012, it still works for 2013.

Mostly, just remember to bring cash and not too give too big of a currency, try to give exact change if you’re buying from the ARTIST ALLEY booths.

And ok, if day 1, I’m a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, day 2 will be…

A bunch of pipes

I need a dremel one day. Technically if there are such things as advertorials for hardware tools, FEEL FREE to contact me. I’ll show what I can make with those tools.

And the after!

It’s not finished yet but if you know the game Portal, well I’ll be Chell. We’ll see how it goes! See you guys next weekend.

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