Losing It

If this was one of those Upworthy headlines or Viral Nova articles, it would have started with “SHE IS THE BIGGEST LOSER BUT WHAT SHE DOES WILL MAKE YOU WEEP – So amazing” or something like that.

But no, this is a State of Sarah post so really.


Hey, yesterday I went to NLB‘s Customer Appreciation Dinner.

The food was great and wow, the libraries DO make note of those customers who contribute to the libraries whether as contributors or people who give talks there, write suggestions, role model library users etc. For each library, the staff do make note of those who come by and all.

And loooook. Besides the great food (and getting my friends to come along too), I won a pencil box at pre-event games there.

Oh yeah and this:

Online advocate award!

Not the phones, those are mine. I didn’t win those.

They are Nokia bar phones to be censor bars on it. HEH HEH, get it?

Anyway I got the Online Advocate Award by them for twittering/talking about library events and talking to their twitter/instagram accounts and also besides the cert, I got an upgrade of my library membership for a year!

And then I realized I was the greatest loser.

Ok, no I actually realized that when they contacted me to go for this event.

Why am I the greatest loser?

It’s because I win a lot.

And that winning is just a SMALL fraction of what I enter in contests, competitions or lucky draws so really I lose a lot!

In fact, a few weeks ago, I joined the Hunger Games: Catching Fire contest with 4DPencil and we got through to the games.

If you did click on that video and spotted us, you will notice that we did not win that trip to LA at all!

We lost and did not die in it ala Hunger Games but we had a lot of fun and came away with the latest Hunger Games replica pin (we went to Popcorn and found out it costs around $25 SGD??) and huge cinema styled posters of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

I mean, heck. Which other movie competition makes you do squats, sit ups and crunches in a challenge?

It was totally fun in a “WHAT ARE WE DOING? WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? Thank goodness we exercise!” kind of way.

If the challenges designer for that competition ever reads this post, I just want to say that it was super fun although ridiculous. I hope you do a challenge like this for the last movie, yess.

I guess, it’s like writing too. For every short story or novel you submit to agents or publishers, you’ll get a ton of rejections but eventually somehow one of them will get through.

So hah! I win a lot because I lose a lot. Just enter everything, try new things and whatever.

People here are always sooo shy to do that and my friends and I just go for it if no one else does and that’s why we have a higher than usual probability win rate.

But you know, with all the things we win, most of the time we try to win for others and while this sounds so squishy aww frou frou, we just like to win for others.

Like if we do win a particular item we don’t need but we really want to because we know someone who needs it and it is too expensive for us to purchase, we GO for it.

Or if we win tickets to  museum or some event, we share the cost of the other tickets in our group so that everyone manages to get a ‘cheaper’ price.

Maybe it’s kinda silly? I don’t know but we don’t really sell things away we like to just give to those who need it or who we think would be happy with it.

With that said, we don’t win ALL the time, if that did happen then woaaah that would be freaky.


Meanwhile, it’s still Nanowrimo and my story is crappy. I do have some vague plot going on now. Halfway through it went differently but I wrote in the notes for it instead. It’s all good to me since this is just  basic draft.

Meh, well the Thank Goodness It’s Over party is going to be on 7 December so that’s cool.

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