AFA 2013! Yes. Singapore.

We got the basic ticket!

We went on Sunday because we were busy on Saturday with a Nanowrimo write-in and other stuff. And wow, it was good that we did attend one of the days because we had fun!

The crowd in free zone.

The crowd on the level where the ticketing is. We went in the afternoon so it was super fast. Just told the lady what ticket I wanted, gave her the $10 and poof we have our tickets.

It's a chibi Mikasa!

Hey look, a chibi Mikasa! Lots of Shingeki No Kyojin cosplayers of course since we also have the colossal titan and the voice over (seiyuu) and merchandise for it at the event.

Even before we knew they were coming, this is a trending manga/anime at the moment.

Sailor Moon!

We entered the hall and POOF. SAILOR MOOOON. You know what, this post won’t have so much words because there’s so many nice things to see. So see.

One day I want to be Sailor Moon. Well not Sailor Moon, I want to be Sailor Mars cause she’s cool and I am cool.

The first stall!

The first booth as we hit the artist all from the back was this from Vipadafai and Mindcreator from Thailand? I don’t know but I think they’re Thai but the items are in English! There was a “Keep Calm and Undress Ben” game.

One of us both the game and we bought the Kirk/Spock doujin for our friend.

(A note: Our friend who bought the game told us every piece of clothing removed, he goes “Oh God…” and then for the last piece “OH GOOOOD!”.)

It was most amusing because Max, who is a guy asked them and held the doujin up to ask “Is this… Yaoi?” they shook their head looking slightly embarrassed and trying not to laugh and then he asked, “Is it BL?” and they said yes but ahh it’s not your type of book because they were afraid Max didn’t know what it actually involved.

Note: Yes, they are particular terms that not everyone knows but it is most amusing since Max was the first one to ask before we noticed all the titles there.

Also, we like to buy stuff for our friends.

Taiko game!

This year Nescafe had it’s free coffee booth and the whip cream for this event was ‘creme brulee’. I chose the ‘rich’ flavour for nescafe and HOW.

HOW is it they make the coffee taste so good but when I try with the powder on my own, I can’t get it exactly the same!

Oh and they had this taiko game too so that was pretty cool! AND their staff were all wearing anime hats that you could buy from the other stalls in the convention hall.

It was just really nice since while they were wearing their nescafe uniform and aprons, the hats gave them a really anime touch to it all.

It's crayon shin chan!

Mangafest had a little exhibition there too and there was also voting for translations? What I know was that I got to see the draft pages and the final piece of artwork for some manga I have read before.

Also, artwork!

We think Kinokuniya helped bring in that part of the exhibition since we saw some of their staff taking care of it.

Colossal titan!

Its a titan head! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes, it is lifesized. If a real colossal titan was there, this would be the size of his head.


The artist alley this year was GREAT. Also you have booth people being fangirls of cosplayers too of course, hahaha.

Meanwhile, the selection and fandom of varies doujins were SO VARIED and also postcards, artwork, everything!

This was the best combination of artist stuff this year for me. Also, since we’re in Singapore most doujins are in ENGLISH or if they’re originally in the language of the source country of the artists  coming by here, they usually make another edition for English.

How attractive.

This booth amused us. The guy was Japanese and came here with the things with his company and went “Dozo…” and passed us the cards.

These are MOLD. Hahaha, the background story for one of the characters is that it’s a bunny but it was outside for a long time and it grew mold!?

It’s all very Japanese and kawaii and unique.

Hello Japan!

Hello!Japan brought ViV, Kimi and not on stage here but on another stage was Cocolo-chan. They performed on the stages, well here and the other one near the Hello!Japan booth and it was pretty packed. There were hand signals to do during the performances too.

Not sure if you’ve ever been to a Japanese or Korean pop concert but there are special hand signals to do during a song and you get taught how to do it first before they launch into a song. It’s all very fun in that synchronized way when you see all the audience do it.

Oh hey, the H!J ninja mascot is there too. His name Toby. FYI, the ninja mascot actually has a ninja cat if you see their website.

Anti Piracy!

When we finally went around doing the last bit of shopping and looking at things, we finally went out.

Before we left the event, we checked out where the cosplayers were and found the anti-piracy guy! This year’s cosplays are not boring in a sense that SO many different kind of things and even cartoons. We didn’t go the day before but there was a HIM from Powerpuff Girls? Yeah, it’s like free for all cosplay from whatever series you like instead of an army of vocaloids.

My loot for 2013!

My loot! I bought a cheap Babyshiba notebook from Hello!Japan and got a free sticker. Bought Pacific rim postcards and keychain, got a free Space Dandy goodie bag with a wrist rest and Coppelion poster for getting a free picture taken at the Animax booth.

Bought a “Defence against the Penguins” and received a free badge from Comix Pandora. That story is amusing, penguins attacked the earth now you must save humanity by posing as a penguin. Just… Just buy it.

Got free SNK stickers/temporary tattoos by completing a survey at Aniplus HD (a new channel for Toggle?).

Bought Home Coming which is an original doujin by Rixou Liu which had a touching story awww, the slightly romance angst type.

Lastly, a Titan Dou by Lazy Rhapsody. This was the best anthology since it had stories with all the different characters inside and by different artists.

The stories.

It was written comedy outside and YES it is so comedy that I liked it.

All of the booths usually have sample books so you can look before you buy and hopefully they’ll be there at Malaysia’s Comic Fiesta too so you can buy them.

Overall, this year’s AFA is greaaaaaaaaaaat.

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