The 4 of Us II : To the end.

One day more!

One day more~~~ That was pasted on the doors on Friday! It was wrap party day.

Still doing it!


The 4 of Us II were busily finishing up their files! Just the small parts to export and then save their back ups.

Still uploading!

Slowly but surely the files are getting into the main hard disk where all the backups are in. LAST DAY TO FINISH UP EVERYTHING, AHHH. I left the girls to do their things without me bugging them there and returned only shortly after before the wrap party would begin.

Their edit!

Yay! They could pretty much see how their whole video would look like.

I didn’t want to watch the full one because I didn’t want to be spoilered on how it’d be even if I knew the story.

I’ll watch the full version same as everyone when it gets online.

Sharing session!

Finally, everyone had to save and leave their tents and get to the briefing area where the wrap party would start. Yes, there are lots of balloons there. They shared us about their experience and about the software and they did actually talk about their chrysanthemums.

Press it!

After all the teams shared their experiences, it’s time to party! They were all given poppers to use.

Confetti yay!


Mr Joshua!

And then games were to be had. This is Mr Joshua hosting the game called “Hello Henry, Yes Henry, Tell Henry”.

It’s a really fun party game and it can get confusing. If you say the wrong thing, you get a dot of toothpaste on your nose.


Hahah, even their instructor (the one in the black jacket and pink pants) didn’t get it right! Don’t forget to like N.E.mation on facebook and like The 4 of Us II!

They’re in the studios at the day of this post! The 4 of Us II just has to export their Total Defence logo with their team name on it and also help clean up their tent.

Today is the day when all the equipment will be packed away so let’s cheer on The 4 of Us II to finish up all the files so they can finally rest at home.

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