Got out of here with Scoot

Scoot on a scooter.

SO I GOT AWAY from Singapore for a short while with SCOOT!

(Backstory: I wrote this post. Scoot replied to me on twitter/email cause they were too ‘late’ to buy me a scooter, they got me other things instead.)

While this isn’t an advertorial, I just wanted to let you know what I got since a lot of my friends wanted to know how the flight on Scoot is too since plenty want to try it for going to the upcoming conventions!

What Scoot emailed me was for me and A FRIEND to get return tickets on ScootBiz! That means their business class.

Also, I am to receive a free custom Scoot helmet.

I haven’t gotten that because custom helmets take time to print and be made anyway but I’m looking forward to it.

I like irony.

SCOOTBIZ. Is pretty awesome. My friend who would join me in a Sarah Does Sydney adventure was Lyn of Echo Productions. So yes, for this post it’s going to be just a review on their flight because the actual adventure is going to be some posts following this.

Since Scoot sponsored the tickets, I wanted to see my friend Arrch and Mae in Sydney!

Plus, it was cool that Arrch of Aetherworks had a spare room for us to stay over. By the way, my friend Lyn had taken Scoot before too and she was on economy so I can tell you the difference for it!

For one thing, on Scootbiz, we got to go on the plane FIRST. OH YEAAH, TAKE THAT.

If you’re in economy, like in all airlines, you’ll have to wait your turn.

Safety instructions!

Ahhh… so nice. Also, you have your flight attendants doing the safety briefing once we’re going to be ready to get going. My flight was Singapore to Sydney and naturally, Sydney to Singapore.

For Singapore to Sydney, it was the past midnight flight so that we’d arrive in Australia around noon, their time.

Once you get on the plane, for Scootbiz, you’d be handed a small cup of mineral water. I just saved that for later.

If you’re on economy or well, even if you’re in Scootbiz, make sure you do have a bottle of water on you just in case! This is more of a standard flight thing, get your bottles refilled only once you have passed the baggage check so that you can bring it on board.

My pasta!

Food was going to be served to us 3 hours before arrival in Australia. I chose beef bourguignon pasta stew! If you checked their website, all their food on flight is Halal, by the way.

This is included for Scootbiz. If you’re on economy, you can actually pre-purchase this or any of the other dishes when you’re making your booking.

Just for you to note, BEEF BOURGUIGNON IS DELICIOUS OK? Especially when you have chips, you can eat it with the gravy.

The meat is so tender too. If you didn’t read the instructions or know how to open the dish, you use your knife and cut the plastic along the edges and open it like that.

The seats!

The seats in Scootbiz. So nice, if you booked the seats on the LAST row, you can also LEAN BACK until like woah. I didn’t because after I did, it was too much for me so I just leaned backed slightly hahahaha.

Well, even if you didn’t book the ones on the last row, you can do it too but of course, there might be people behind you.

The leg room is like woah though.

Ok, here’s the thing. If you have a LONG flight, it’s totally worth it to get Scootbiz or get the stretch seats in economy! They’re actually just behind business class but are limited in number.

If you’re going to have a flight that is like one or two hours, heck it. You can just take regular economy class.

The plus side of business class is that it has check in bags included in your ‘package’. This would be the best for cosplayers or those going on conventions because it has FOOD, check in baggage and carry on baggage too besides the whole leg space.

It’s more worth it if you’re going to lug around lots of things instead of topping up while in economy class.

Oh and remember Scoot is a BUDGET airline so whatever you want, it’s up to you to choose what is necessary and what is not.

Their inflight entertainment is free for business class, you have to have your own ipad and stream it with their app.

It costs money if you want to rent an ipad and then stream it for all classes anyway. I didn’t try out either way because SG to Sydney was me falling asleep since it was past midnight while Sydney to SG had me reading my own kindle.

If you want to buy a pillow/blanket/eyemask thing, it’s more worth it to pre-purchase it online instead of buying it inflight. Also, you probably can have your own ones in your carryon in the first place anyway.


My Thai red Curry on my flight from Sydney to Singapore! We had it during noon, Singapore time while on the plane.

I chose it because I wanted to try what other food they have and ok, while it is rather nice and just a tad spicy, I longed for the beef bourguignon.

Scoot exclusives!

Naturally they had their inflight magazines too! Besides their menu, Scoot magazine about travels and tips, they had a CATALOGUE.

Ok can.

There are some Scoot exclusives like a teddy bear and OF COURSE YOU SAW MY FREAKING INFLATABLE PLANE in the first picture, that was a Scoot exclusive!

We bought the keychains too and when we were there, they had a 2 for $9 offer so that was cool.

The other duty free stuff were normal stuff but the Scoot exclusives were actually pretty cute? You could buy socks and their blanket, eyemask and pillow too.

But if you wanted the blanket/eyemask/pillow combo, it was cheaper as a package to buy when booking your tickets.

Bye Australia!

And then we landed on Mars.

Ha ha, no.

This is when we’re still flying over Australia.

In summary, SCOOT IS COOL.

ScootBiz is TOTALLY cool and economy is great too if you totally don’t want any frills. The Scootees (that’s what they call their crew) are pretty nice and was all : D when I said, “I would like an inflatable plane” when she handed it to me.

Also, how often do you get to say “I would like an inflatable plane” while on a plane?


Choose Scootbiz if you want all in (food/large check in weight/carry on). Choose economy if you can do without extra frills and top up what you want.

AND NOW, catch my following posts of SARAH DOES SYDNEY IN… well, whenever I post it next. That’s an adventure of 6 days in Sydney!

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