Ok guys, new fan art event coming up on 27th April 2014 by Neo Tokyo Project (NTP), Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) and Daiyaku.

Doujima Poster

Tadaaa! If you don’t know how to go to *SCAPE, it’s nearer to Somerset MRT than Orchard MRT although still walkable.

A copy paste from the organizers:

Doujin Market, or ‘Doujima’ for short, will take place annually in April (Spring) and August (Fall), with the inaugural celebration bringing together more than 20 independent art groups and creators from Singapore and around the region.

The event will also herald the launch of Extravaganza 2014, an annual regional art competition jointly organized by CDS, NUS Comics and Animation Society (NUSCAS) and NTU Visual Arts Society (NTUVAS).

To promote greater interest in storytelling, illustration and sequential art, Doujima will also play host to a series of workshops about narrative structure, character design fundamentals and coloring basics.

These workshops will be conducted in the Situation Room in *SCAPE’s Hubquarters, and will be open to the public.


Here’s a little map for the April event with the booths. Click to enlarge.

Doujima map

So I’ll see you guys there on the 27th? Heh, looking forward to what workshops they might have and that… streetpass tea party I see in the map.

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