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First up, guys, free workshops from 29th till 31st October regarding various types of writing for cinema, fiction and non-fiction. Check it out by downloading the pdf here (right click and save) ! It’s all totally free during this Singapore Writers Fest. Organized by NBDCS, Jacaranda and co-organized by National Arts Council, The Arts House and a part of SWF. Go spread it to your friends who’re interested in writing and all that.

And now, on towards foxes.


Alright, day 2 on 25th Oct of the Singapore Writers Festival. 11 am at the Earshot Cafe and there was quite a number of people. Suddenly it occurred to me… WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM? I didn’t realize we had much love for books here which is pretty much a YAY! Oh yes, Raven Silvers and I came to support Wena for The Proper Care of Foxes, plus Raven wanted her poster of SWF signed and I wanted to get what books I wanted before next week. (I don’t wanna lug more books for next Saturday when I’ve got my own thing on.)


The publisher, Ethos Books (no, that’s not his name, that’s his company) talking to Wena and explaining to us the process of how they published it etc. Fun fact, Ethos is working on with an Italian publisher and they’ll announce a book prize thing in the coming weeks for people to enter. After the book reading, there was a little buffet, so yay I got some tea and those tuna finger food sandwiches. That was really nice of them to have some tea prepared there.

On the book itself, heh… Heh, heh, heh. I’m still reading it now and then… because I do not want to miss my bus stop if I keep reading the various stories on it. It would be ironic if so since she did say she wrote the book while she was on planes or travelling somewhere.

Meanwhile, I’m still reading the front bits and thought to myself that this book should have a suggested soundtrack list at the beginning or somewhere since the stories DO have a theme going on. (YES, I read about Siegfried and Regina, tres, tres romantic if it would have been a romance but it isn’t which makes it cooler somehow actually.)

Okay, that event was done and we said goodbye, Raven to the IDP Australian uni fair while I went to Vivocity to check out the X-box Gaming Showdown.


It’s not that very large but ehh, I was told this wasn’t X09 so yeah, it’s the gaming showdown where you got to preview at least some of the games that’s coming out!


DJ Hero is kinda weird in a sense that it is a DJ console of sorts that is pretty comparative to a real turn table (my brother has one at home… the real turn table, not the game one so I could compare). It’ll be cool if someone could use the same console to plug to a PC and do some fancy software work to make it useable for real life DJ-ing. Anyway, the game itself? Pretty cool and you can also play with a guitar too.

As in, the game play, one guitar and one DJ console to mix up a song. The guitar plays like normal and then the DJ console, well, you mix it up the songs. This is fun but it’s not my kind of thing.

On second thought, it IS sorta my thing since it has remixes of dance music and my fav tunes. Though, if you played this at a party, it might look even more poserish than doing the whole plastic instruments thing.


My main mission was also to check out Assassin’s Creed 2. Oh le swoon. This fellow assassin helped me out at the DJ Hero area while I was trying to figure out the menu of the game (it was totally much different than a guitar hero menu) and I wavered around going “Heeeeelp, heeeelp…” and stealthily like he was getting a gamer score achievement point for helping a civillian, he showed me which buttons to press.

Mr Assassin’s Creed, you totally can hide in my haystack any time you want. (AC GAMER JOKE ALERT.)

Right, well the game was in a restricted 18 and above section so I got in, yaaay and played a little. The controller… was kinda unresponsive in a way considering it WAS a demo set but the game was gorgeous. Yes, it’s fun times again where you can run around climbing things! The uniform for the Italian assassin was superbly gorgeous too as you can see like the picture above there.

Have a look at the short film for the game, kinda bloody so don’t watch if you’re squeamish.

So I will eventually buy it but I’ll have to see what the collector’s edition here will have in Singapore. I hope there’s lots of goodies since Australia is having the black edition which has tons of stuff and an alternate figurine included.


Okay, other game demos were had and of course the music based ones like Beatles rock band. I wasn’t interested in that, I was searching for something else too besides AC2.


Lips. I did get to sing a song and won a watch from them. FYI, it was Heartless by Kanye West because the other guy wanted to do that song while I had no idea how to sing it. Anyway, it’s kinda fun like karaoke but with scores so I possibly might by it somehow.


Plus, you can use the microphone for other rock band games and what not so it’s useable in others besides Lips. And yep, that’s pretty much for the gaming show down.

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