Ghostly Pursuits Part 2/2 (or 3??)

Part 1 of the story here. Meanwhile, I think it ends at this part 2. I think. For now anyway it ends there. Unless for some reason I want to write the continuation or something.

So let’s go!

A warning to anyone who would ever encounter a Pontianak.

Never punch one in the face.

It would result in her shrieking your ears off. I ran down the corridor with her chasing after me. I tried not to trip over the debris on the floor as I made my way down the stairs by memory.

Why do haunted places like these have to be so dark? Why do my friends have to be such typical teens wanting to do ghost hunts and dares? Why was I thinking in questions when the Pontianak was going to get me?

I grasped the traces of magic that I could feel in the air and started to weave a little protective shield that my mother taught me. It was something basic but the Pontianak was using up most of the magic around me. Why would she be using so much though?

I slammed into something soft and bouncy and staggered backwards.

“I found your kawans!” said the Hantu Tetek.

“I found the Pontianak!” I screamed.

With a brief glance behind me, the Hantu Tetek swirled around me and shoved me under her boobs. It was so wrong but that was how her type of ghost usually hid wandering children away from their parents. It was nice in a comforting way even though I could still see the Pontianak launching herself at us through the translucency of the Hantu Tetek. I was starting to feel a bit giggly since I could feel the magic coming from the very booby ghost.

“Jumpa lagi!” said the Hantu Tetek as she waved.

And we faded out of existence.

Now, for some people that would be the end of their encounters with the ghostly kind. Not for me, no. It was the start of something even worse. On one hand, I had the Hantu Tetek help me to find my friends.

On the other hand, she found them hidden in the other world.

My name is Bihu. This year, my school holidays are going to suck.


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