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Bubble G.U.M!

SEE THIS BOOK? It’s Bubble G.U.M and it’s in stock at Books Actually if you’re not buying it online here. BUY it this 21st to 30 April especially from Books Actually. Why? Look at this message:

Dear Customers/Friends of BooksActually:

We humbly ask another big favour of you: please drop by to buy books/vintage trinkets for yourself, your friends, family, or all your loved ones. From 21st to 30th April, we will hold a 10-Day 25%-Storewide Sale to raise money so we can buy a new shop space for our bookstore. (WE REALLY NEED TO STOP RENTING/THEY HAVE TO STOP INCREASING OUR RENT.)

We are finally crossing the next step and making one of our biggest strides forward.

BooksActually is not what it is today without the people who have walked through our doors for the past (almost) nine years. They are that German gentleman who comes in every other day to buy a book before heading over to Jerry’s for a jug of beer; that family who visits us every Sunday after breakfast across the street; the father who comes every Christmas to buy books for his missus and three daughters; the writer who sits behind our counter on quiet afternoons helping us to stamp-chop paper-bags; or the young dating couple who took a picture of themselves in a giant birdcage, creating an illusion of lovebirds (their son is now almost two).

The bookstore is not what it is today without every single one of you who has loved us, hated us, and lightly nudged (or forcibly pushed) us to move forward — to be better, climb higher and dream bigger.

With our deepest gratitude,
The BooksActually Team

So yeah. Cause it’s silly if their rent keeps increasing and whatnot. They might as well buy a piece of property to keep things low since the price of rent is ridiculous. THUS! BUY A BOOK or some random goods from them.

There’s stationery, bags, vintage gear too. If you have no idea what to buy, here’s a suggested list of BOOKS by my friends and me:

Bubble G.U.M by Happy Smiley – It’s a full novel of futuristic Singapore, science fiction fun because… well. We make fun a lot of things in there too. It’s a young adult book of adventure fun when SG survives because we’re under a special dome. OH YEAH, we have snow days. So there you go, in the future we can have snow because we can control our weather since everywhere else sunk.

Ayam Curtain – Anthology of fictional short stories.

Across the Causeway 1 & 2 by Max Loh – It’s a graphic novel of Max’s diary of being in Singapore. Yeah. Ok, that sounded boring but NO IT IS NOT.

– CERIPH Issues 3, 4, 6 – Um, some of us is in there? BUY WHATEVER is left of CERIPH there since it’s a cool series anyway.

– Fish Eats Lion – Anthology of fiction. It’s got fantasy, science fiction and whatnot. Mostly urban fantasy sort though.

– The Belly of the Cat – Meow anthology. I mean really. Hello. Meow.

– Body Boundaries – Anthology by 27 women.

– Rider, Speaker and Wolf at the Door by J Damask – Fantasy fiction in novel form. Rider and Speaker are in the same series. Wolf at the Door is an urban fantasy with werewolves in Singapore.

– Land of the Meat Munchers by Nicholas Yong – Zombie urban fantasy! Young adult fiction with jibes about hipsters and some local things. Still, it’s a zombie novel.

– Bedok Reservoir by Wesley Leon Aroozoo – This one actually goes with the play by Wesley. It’s a bit different, kind of like a movie tie-in but minus movie and more theatre play.

– Twenty-Four Flavours : Sushi – I know Nabilah Said is in this. Also, this anthology is cute because it looks as if the book is an onigiri.

Poetry books by Bani Haykal – Not in the mood for prose, try some poetry. I don’t know what books of his are left in stock there but you can ask the staff.

The list of books above are by people I know so yeaaaaaaah. GO BUY IT. Help Books Actually!

Since you’re reading this list. If you buy Bubble G.U.M at BOOKS ACTALLY and it’s in your receipt during this sale, email me at sarah(at)seriouslysarah(dot)com with a picture of said receipt and I will send you a sucky haiku. That and send an audio file of the sucky haiku in music form*.

*This will not be done instantly but will be done when I have time and then send it to you.

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