Ah Spatium, Spatiuuum aka #NE10C09.

Do you say it as SPAH or SPEH?

Well, it’s a team of four girls from CHIJ, St Nicholas Girls’ School: Xu Chunran, Deng Cheng, Ng Yi Zee  and Thel Su Thazin.

Puzzle placing

Theirs is a live action video mixed with 2d animation.

They look like such good girls here, looking so concerned about their production.


I managed to visit their tent and after the whole recording of people placing pieces of a puzzle together, they had to keep it there for reference.


I’m rather concerned about them though as this was week one and they’ve started to randomly vacuuming things without the plug on.

Just do it

And then I saw all the Shia Leboeufs… That was five days of work, there will be more by the end of their production.

Just doing it.

Deng Cheng says the moon represents her inner self, so alright. This is the time just doing it.

I could tell you more about the story of their production next week (TUNE IN SOME MORE or read their blog posts) but so far, they have live action video recorded for their part one and part two is a LOT of animating of scenes in toon boom.


This was on the last day of week 1 and… And she made a mistake.

Her instructor is telling her how to fix it and she has to redo that scene.

So sad

Creys. So much creys.

It’s ok. They’re still sort of on schedule…? Sort of. They can do it! Let’s give them, our support!

What just happened?

I managed to get to witness the debrief of week 1 and Deng Cheng asked Ellery if he could take off his hoodie because she had never seen him without it before.

And that was then I knew this group was going to be ridiculous.

Ok, the Shia Leboeufs were major hints also.

They are actually sword trash (Touken Ranbu), Potterheads, K-pop and one hipster(?).

A varied group but they are all working together.

This is their tent

This is going to be about how everyone works together in their story and it looks like how everyone, though different is also working together to create this animation.

Go like their page, follow their Instagram and twitter!

Talk to them, I think they really need it if they start vacuuming things again.