Crunching Down?

The wall again

Ah yes, we have come back to Spatium (#NE10C09) and what’s this?

Another Shia

A hand drawn Shia because they didn’t remember to print one of it. But alright, looks like they’re getting onto their work.

Ah yes, N.E.mation. Week 2 always makes the teams wonder why did they even join this because they’re all working continuously just to get their scenes done to see their project come to life!

Ok, dramatic much but yes.

I mean, they might have little or no animation experience and just for this competition, they have to complete a whole animated story in a few weeks.

One scene done

One scene is done though. Hurray for saluting people. HURRAY! ONE DOWN. So just a few more scenes to go till completion.

Doing CPR

I learned that for their team, the scenes are actually split up via difficulty. So we have level 1 to 4 and each of the girls have scenes according to what they can handle.


With that said, even with all of them having their own work cut out for them, they’re starting to create mistakes here and there.

WATER IS NOW BANNED in their tents or at least away from the computers…

But somehow there seems to be some accidentally spilled still.

Beautiful Knees

I should mention, theirs is the first tent if you walk into the main area for N.E.mation and you might hear weird singing.

If you do.

That’s Spatium.

At the time I was visiting and look see-ing, there was repetition of “Beautiful knees, such beautifuuuuul knees”.


The moon represents my heart.

Here we see someone animating a ‘level 4’ scene. This is how actual animators look like some times. I know because I’ve seen animators animate during crunch time before.

But hey, what’s that on the table?

Shame Jar

A shame shame jar?

So far I see the money is made out of the koufu vouchers that all the teams get to pay for their food in NYP’s canteen though…

Such promotions

Never let it be said that Spatium aren’t good at trying to market themselves.


Whoops, their instructor is glitching while I panorama-ed.

The pieces on the floor are the jigsaw puzzles for their production. It’s the only place they can keep it safely so that no one would accidentally break it.


Onwards to week 3 where they have to finish their animation. JUST ONE MORE WEEK.

so deng drew this just now and pasted it on the curtain which closes the tent #NE10C09

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