The Dog Days Are Over


The last week for production had been quite a ride for Spatium (#ne10c09).

From radio interviews…

Slam the tim tam

To slamming down Tim Tam Slams with Duck Vaders…

Team work!

They had to stop animating to get ready for the open house.

And it's up!

Considering they still had a lot to animate yet, it was cutting into their time as they worked together to display their jigsaw puzzle used for their story.

So crowded!

Still, the others worked while one of them presented and this was one of the rare times I got to see so many people in their tent.

Ask them, really.

Some people laughed at their joke about Spatium and no… I’m not going to say it here.

You can ask them yourself what is Spatium because there will be a time next year where they will try to garner votes from the public… IN PUBLIC.


When open house day was over, the team continued on with the work.

Apparently they managed to finish everything but just the dog.

The dog was so much work to make it look right that they split the parts of the dog to animate between all four of them.


It had come to this, animating and eating next to their stations.

awesome lighting awesome chunran #prayforspatium2k15 #ne10c09

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At this point, they started to wonder why not a cat. A cat wouldn’t move as much as a dog but then, we don’t have sniffer cats… Do we?

chun was buried in confetti during wrap party #NE10C09 #prayforspatium2k15

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In any case, at the time of this post, YES they finally finished it!


No more animating and now… They can chill and wait to show you their final product next year.

So watch out for Spatium!