Time for a break?

The 'bar'

If you guys haven’t known what N.E.mation is, it is a competition where the teams animate their stories according for the theme for this year. This year’s theme is Together We Keep Singapore Strong.

And all these teams, yes, they have to animate it themselves so besides having their instructors guide them, they have to do all these things on their own.

Cocoa break!

MEANWHILE, Duck Vaders are having a hot cocoa break. Week 2 and they are still cutting and folding their props for the animation.


Break OVEEER. Here they are learning how to make their characters have more depth by folding the edges.

The people

And they were SO SCARED to mess up in folding because they had cut so many pieces so yes, it is just that one step to make it look better but so scary if they made a mistake since they’d have to make it all AGAIN?

That’s the stress part.

Of course, I’m not telling you how their story unfolds (HURHUR) for the team because that would be revealing too much but it’s certainly about all walks of life helping each other.


Children get mitten hands and adults have fingers.

Go figure.


And they have a cameo too! Perhaps you might spot it in the background when the final animation is ready for you to vote for Duck Vaders (#NE10C05)

For stop motion

All they have to do is to start their actual stop motion animation ONCE they finish folding their people.


But first, a dance break is needed.

So cool

And remember, VOTE FOR DUCK VADERS… When voting is out in a few weeks. Hahahaha.



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