Gone to the Library

It's Kenny the friendly chicken

A new year, a new whatsits. January, the time when people sign up programmes or try to get fit because woah a new year and all. Well, I signed up for this ventriloquism workshop last year.

Have you checked the GoLibrary website?

They’ve got lots of free workshops happening if you clicked under arts in the programmes tab because this is the year of arts? Something like that, they’ve got a Press Play thing happening for 2014. When you see something you like, just quickly click on it because some programmes are really popular.

That’s Kenny the friendly chicken by the way and on the right is Shawn from Magic Avenue teaching us how to use a puppet and mostly how to make it look real and practice ventriloquism!

How to say them.

The most difficult letters to pronounce he told us how to substitute it because you can’t really say these letters without moving your lips, usually.

It's a vulture!

We got to practice with some puppets he brought too!

Participants of the workshop!

The participants of the workshop. They’re kind of fun. Anyway, you can’t be a professional in one session but it was a great way to learn the basics for you to practice it yourself.

The next workshop I’m attending at the library is a game programming one for windows phones or iphone. Guess which one I have.

Anywho, check GoLibrary out and I must say that the leather basics workshop is very popular.

PS. Like my page at SeriouslySarahSG to check out any other events that are happening in Singapore!

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