Sing It!

It's the Duck Vaders!

Don’t they look cute in their illustrated form? That’s the Duck Vaders in their storyboards.

Anyway week 3 and it is their last week to finish up everything!

Rapping for the radio

In the midst of animating though, they got to do some radio interviews just for you all to know who they are and garner your votes when it’s open in January!


And… welcoming guests like sponsors and even friends and family on their open house day to explain what they have been doing or why have they have to keep coming to Nanyang Polytechnic in the morning and leave at night for the past few weeks.

Pink Screen?

This is the only time you’ll see this screen because what all of you will see is the final product where their live action work is mixed with their stop motion graphics.

Go, go!

But after the open house activities, the Duck Vaders had to quickly get back to production.

They weren’t finished yet!


Most of their props had been folded and cut properly so what’s left is just making sure everything is supposed to be where it is.

There was a moment of panic where they misplaced their paper walkie talkie but thank goodness, they found it hidden on another table under another piece of paper.


A plane zooming…


But yes, come January, don’t forget to vote for Duck Vaders (#NE10C05)

They’ve put in a lot of effort of singing and rapping and then even animating their story.

Hope you all will get to see their work next year!

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