Newsflash: City Hall and former Supreme Court tours open!


More there’s more slots for guided tours for the old supreme court (or former supreme court as some might say!) and city hall! Yeah, I know some of you might wonder why is city hall called city hall… Well, the building next to the supreme court is the ACTUAL city hall, thus that’s why the area is called, uh that.

Here’s the info!

16-17th Oct of Guided Tours for the TNAGS Open House.

If you didn’t get to sign up for the previous one. DO IT NOW. Sign up online at HERE! Ok that’s the main site for you to check EVERYTHING. However, if you check what’s happening etc etc. You’ll end up at the guided tours booking form!

I know my random encounter post whet the appetites of some adventurers and historians that read it since it was a post to know how the area was like and for those who couldn’t. It was a “Lookie here” archival post instead of my usual go do it since I knew there was limited space. HOWEVER, now you can check it out yourself.  SO, go forth and sign up!

The Dusts of Time are Dusty

On the 8th September of 2010 I was invited to a preview tour of the old supreme court (some might call it the former supreme court but it’s the same place). OH HECK YEAAAAAAAAH! A warning to those reading this post via google readers or whatever since I don’t think you’ll see a “more” cut. THIS post is going to be EXTREMELY long!

The short details: The old supreme court is going to be converted into the National Art Gallery in the future! There’s going to be an open house on the 8th and 9th October. However, tour slots are full at the moment. IN ANY CASE. LET’S GET ON WITH THE SHOW!

If you expect “serious” textbook history stuff for this post, go find other blogs or something. I will disappoint you because this is freaking exciting! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!

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Director’s cut of the story of Yeh Chi Wei

Last Saturday, which was pretty much the fourth of September had me going to the Singapore Arts Museum in the evening. This is the same day of what you’ll see in the next episode of SDS, heh heh. I was invited to this special session by@brainopera about Yeh Chi Wei which was going to be talk/tour by his granddaughter, Jacey Yeh! The tour is technically called “The (other) story of Yeh Chi Wei” but to me it’s like a director’s cut version of his story!

LE GASP indeed!

By the way, the exhibition is on until 12 September. ALSO, I read that she’ll be doing a tour on the 11th at around 5pm. Contact the museum prior to that or something. EDIT: Email Ms. Masitah Ismail (Education Officer) at for the tour!

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SDS 2.5 – Song for Singapore

Hello everyone! Today is Singapore’s National Day! So instead, I shall leave you with our episode at the istana! Yes! Where the president works! The istana holds days for open houses and the day before National Day is one of them! You can usually check their website to see the dates for when you can visit them. So yes, this time we went to the istana open house!

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SDS 2.3 – Money, Money, Money!

This July was the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum‘s first birthday! It meant free entry for the first week from the 1st till 5th July. Heh, heh. Thus, the Adventure Crew hit the place up to learn about money. Also, because I prebooked a slot since we’d get a discount on “making” money.

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SDS 1.15 – Jai Ho

The Treasury of the World – Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals is still running until the 27 June. Joelyn Alexandra, Raven Silvers, Avariel and I went there on the 28th of March because they were having a special Mighty Mughals weekend festival (we were busy on the 27th with this) ! It meant free entry to the Asian Civilizations Museum too! The one near the river. Behind the Arts House, that one since I know there’s two.

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SDS 1.1 – Hot and Cold

Beginning a story is always difficult.

Waking up early to begin mine was even more difficult especially when I spent the day before on a phone rescue mission that included going around abandoned HDB blocks (don’t ask).

On the first Saturday of January, I woke up at around 7 am so I could head to the National Museum of Singapore by noon. Of course, that included time to roll around in bed and wonder why the heck I was doing up.

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Peranakan Museum first anniversary celebration!

Okay, I got this info cause my friend is working in the museums here. If you haven’t been to the Peranakan museum yet, you should try to go on the 25th or 26th April 2009! Special admission on that day is $2 instead of $8 and ooooh, there’s a lot happening on that weekend.


And oooh free bibik notebooks or ice cream with a ticket purchase, while stocks last!

Exact programmes, check it out here on their website at .

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