Sarah Does… COMIC FIESTA 2012!

This time the Adventure Crew wasn’t in Singapore. We had a trip to Kuala Lumpur for Comic Fiesta last weekend on 22 and 23 Dec! Technically we set off on 21st with Aeroline. It’s really fancy since they do have ‘in flight’ food (their tagline is: The Convenient Way to Fly).

It’s about a 5 hour bus ride and it was really that good. They even had in flight entertainment and ooh, I got hot chocolate too besides our meal.

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The Evening of Everything

Everything is happening on the 27th of October this year.

Don’t forget that our Nanowrimo kick-off party is at Bishan library, programme zone, level 2. The party starts at 4pm! Nanowrimoer-s sign in the book to get your nanowrimo sticker.Our party theme is DIY! If you want to bring crackers/snacks to share, feel free to do so! Best if Halal so everyone can eat it too.

Our unofficial dress code is: Wear whatever is decent to the library that you want to wear and have no occasion to, so this is the best time to wear whatever you want or show your fandom through your attire.


AND for everything else…

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And so the previous conventions…

For a report on STGCC 2012, I’ve written it here on SGCafe. It’s Japanese centric so here’s just a few other memorable notes. For Andy Diggle’s panel, he says the question is not “How do I get in comic companies but how to get noticed instead”. It’s paraphrasing here and comic writing is more about cutting things out than putting it in since there’s limited pages or text you can have in a comic.

A good exercise is to start writing a story for 20 pages then cut the same story to 10 and then cut it to 5 and then see if you can cut it to 1 page.

So woaaaaaah.

A summary: STGCC was cool and I hope it’ll be even better in 2013 and really. Fix their ticketing system.

Read more on the other panels and stuff from Here Be Geeks!

And then, there was The Games Expo at the Singapore Expo Hall 5 last weekend.

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The STGCC 2012 Survival Guide!

This year, the Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention will be held at Marina Bay Sands! It’s a whole different game from last year when it was at Suntec. The Sands Expo & Convention Centre will be quite a new place for a lot of us visiting. I’ve not much pictures but here’s a written guide for you.


1) Via MRT: Drop at Bayfront MRT and just follow the exit signs towards the convention centre

2) Buses are: 97/97E, 106, 133, 502/502A, 518/518A, NR1 (Available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays), and NR6 (Available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays). When you’re getting on the bridge and going up towards MBS, you’ll press the bell when you’re about to reach the Bayfront MRT station.

You will WALK a lot. Either way, the bus stops and station will be at opposite ends of Marina Bay Sands. The convention halls are in the “middle”. Ok, its not THAT much walking but just be prepared to go up/down the escalators to get to the floor with the convention halls. Or just follow people in costumes.

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SDS 3.15 – Here It Goes Again

Singapore, Toys, Games and Comics Convention aka STGCC was fun even though there was so much negativity online before it. I blame the lack of updates from the main STGCC website.

You want to tease the audience, sure but don’t tease them till the last minute. I found out some competitions or activities just a few days before the event date. Due to the lack of information, people don’t really want to pay money for what they don’t know, yeah?

Hope next year they’ll put out the info much earlier. Ignoring all the online negative bits, YAZAAA! Look below.

I have tons of pictures so it’s difficult to pick which to post here. Instead, you can have a look see of a video that Carmen Sandiego I made. And now I begin not from the start but from the middle and onwards since I wandered around before checking things out in order!

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To those going to STGCC!

Read that!

We’re doing a game on both days and we have stuff to give away that are pretty nice! For one thing, we’re doing this cause we like playing games, heh heh.

COME AND SEARCH FOR ME at those specific times! I’ll be hanging at a specific booth for at least 30 minutes for each session. If no one picks up the prize at the first timing, it snowballs to the next session!

You can find out where by checking out the twitter at!/herebegeeks or you can just try to hunt me down then if it’s not too crowded. Cause hey, I’ll be at one location for 30 minutes, that should be enough to look ALL around the hall anyway!

SDS 3.9 – The Resurrection Stone

I visited two different libraries on that 9th July Saturday. The first one was at Serangoon library to catch an author’s session. The one in the evening was at the National Library. Heh, heh. It was for the Harry Potter party held at the multipurpose room.

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