Hogwarts robe and wand tutorial

Ok, this is the completed look. Picture is by Magical Harkow from her post here. Since the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 is coming up, this tutorial is how to make a robe and a wand.

Some people have asked how to make the robes or a Harry Potter costume since we’d have the Harry Potter finale party at the multipurpose room of the National Library on 9 July, 6.30pm- 8.30pm.

So here it is.

Let’s start with the wand first since it’s easiest and the robe tutorial will be below it.

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Harry Potter Party

I am making this post as unassuming as possible because for those who know it… KNOWS IT.

Harry Potter Finale Party in Singapore

Your host: Me (with the crew of Dumbledore’s Army helping out)

Location: Multipurpose room of National Library (it will be called Room of Requirement there)

When: 9 July, 6.30pm-8.30pm

What will happen? Games, quizzes, cake! Discussions and whatnot. Come in house colours or your costumes! It’s a fan event by fans. I’ve got more info coming up with some downloadable coupons and also tutorials on making robes… But I won’t put them up yet.

In the meantime, want to win a trip to LONDON to catch the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows party 2? Well, click on this link here. I’ve asked them, if you win the ticket, you’ll be able to catch the one in London AND make it back in time for the Singapore party.

So… I’ll see you lot there if I see youuuu.

Being Faceless: A Tutorial

Remember that picture from my episode on Free Comic Book Day? Yeah well, I did say that pic was a bit photoshoped to make it look better but it didn’t really need that much photoshop in the first place anyway.

So let’s show you how to be as faceless or how to make a faceless mask like how Renee Montoya is as The Question!

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SDS 2.2 – Catch You Catch Me

Cosfest. This episode is on Cosfest. It is a yearly cosplay event at Downtown East, usually in the middle of the year! It’s free too and usually the preliminaries for those to represent Singapore at the World Cosplay Summit in Japan is on during that weekend. The first day is the band/karaoke/singing contest while the second has the main cosplay competitions. I went for both so the pictures below will be on both days and will be mixed!

The theme for this year is “Let’s make friends”. Yes, let us indeed. Also, this post will have anime and character terms so if you don’t get it, just look at the pictures instead for the pretty.

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Happiness at the end of the Nano Kick Off


First up, yes. Our book is published! You can buy it online here. Currently, since it just got printed and all, it will take quite a bit of time before the distributors would distribute the copies into the various bookshops here (may be in the coming weeks). If you’re wanting the book now, then it’s best to just order it online first from Two Trees, the publisher. Quick summary, 8 short stories, set at the end of the world but with happy endings. Press release found when you click on the above links. It’s a very interesting compilation by the way! I’m not saying that just because I’m one of the writers there but because I went “Ooooh!” at the other stories too.

Now onwards to Singapore’s NaNoWriMo kick-off!


Ours was 2pm but we came around 1.30pm YET, the cafe was filled with people. Some of them Nanowrimo-ers too. Uugh, uugh! It was slightly crowded so we hurried and set up our signs, books and goodie bags. We didn’t want the guests to wait too long even when it wasn’t yet our session!

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Of Writing Workshops, Foxes and Games!


First up, guys, free workshops from 29th till 31st October regarding various types of writing for cinema, fiction and non-fiction. Check it out by downloading the pdf here (right click and save) ! It’s all totally free during this Singapore Writers Fest. Organized by NBDCS, Jacaranda and co-organized by National Arts Council, The Arts House and a part of SWF. Go spread it to your friends who’re interested in writing and all that.

And now, on towards foxes.


Alright, day 2 on 25th Oct of the Singapore Writers Festival. 11 am at the Earshot Cafe and there was quite a number of people. Suddenly it occurred to me… WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM? I didn’t realize we had much love for books here which is pretty much a YAY! Oh yes, Raven Silvers and I came to support Wena for The Proper Care of Foxes, plus Raven wanted her poster of SWF signed and I wanted to get what books I wanted before next week. (I don’t wanna lug more books for next Saturday when I’ve got my own thing on.)

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How to make Harley Quinn’s Pop Gun

I was searching online for instructions on these but I couldn’t find any that was relatively easy to do or was not an actual working popgun. Thus, I decided to do a tutorial here since some others asked me how to do this. If you’re interested in making cosplay props, read on.


What you need:

  • Styrofoam ball
  • Styrofoam cylinder
  • Cheap cowboy gun
  • A4 corksheet
  • UHU glue (or super glue)
  • Wall putty
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Pen knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Coping saw (or any hand saw)
  • Pencil
  • Black spray (best if you get the shiny one)

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Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention 2009

I don’t know how to start this so I’ll say that it was awesome!


Wooo, wooo okay. So on the first day (for me), on Friday I went to the conference sessions first. Bla de dah. It was pretty cool! The stuff were informative and fun. Also, I got a conference goodie bag. The speakers were all very interactive too and you got to learn more about their various productions or products.

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