Sarah Does Singapore – Season 2 Finale

That makes 50 episodes of Sarah Does Singapore, not including the season finales! And so, let’s do the Playlist for season 2. Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Also, for you guys to know where the song titles come from, they’re here in the playlist and the description of each of the episodes!

The Playlist (season 2)

Oh my. Season 2 was exciting and of course there were plenty more things that we were up to that wasn’t documented in the regular episodes.

One of which was the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 premiere that some of us got to watch.

In costume.


There were death eaters and other houses besides the Gryffindors, of course.

Besides movie premieres and some invited events, there were things that I just stumbled upon like this precision drill march at the gates of the istana.

Other adventures had the crew being pretty lost at various places before we found the correct stop or spot. No matter what however, we have learned to adapt and found ways to get around or solve any tricky things in our paths. Not like we met bridge keepers or anything like that but generally yes, we charged on.

We also met more of Duke Orange and even did a song for him for Christmas! It is a very silly song. Pretty nice but silly, heh.

That’s it for season 2 of Sarah Does Singapore! Season 3 will start 1st April. Well, that’s the “official” season premiere for SDS. Or 2nd April since that’s a Saturday.

The Adventure Crew and associates will not resist going out and having fun until then so it’ll be written more under Random Encounters and will be posted more in the midweek. Besides, we’ll be doing events of our own at either the library, various conventions and… a Harry Potter party in July!

So wait till April for more adventure! More getting lost! More whatevers!

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